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<nettime> the CAT - communication, art & technology network

Dear Friends and collegues,

One year ago we asked you to fill in an email questionnaire. The result of
this has been discussed during the last months in the German Ministry for
Research and Education. The conclusion is the decision to initiate the CAT
network - a virtual network supporting artists, theorists and other
experts working in new media connecting them with research labs, media
agencies, funding partners etc. thereby creating a virtual community as a
competence center for art, culture and new media. 

There will be a final expert hearing on September 16 at Schloss
Birlinghoven, GMD in Sankt Augustin (near Bonn). If you are in Germany and
have the time to join us (from 2-4 pm) please let me know, I will ask the
Ministry for Research and Education to send you an invitation letter. 

We will let you know how you can be part of the CAT network as soon as
this is possible. 

Thank you again for your involvement and best regards, Monika Fleischmann
& Wolfgang Strauss

Please find the results of the study (your answer included) on this URL:

The CAT Network - a platform linking Communication, Art & Technology

The German media art scene is full of talent who is scattered and not
properly networked and linked with the TIME industries (Tele- and
info-Communication, Mass Media, Entertainment). A working marketplace
linking laboratories, funding sources, creative talent and customers is

Realizing that the best talent leave the country, the German Government
asked media artists Monika Fleischmann and Wolfgang Strauss to conduct a
study on how to address the problem. The result of a worldwide enquiry has
identified the potential and necessity of a virtual community. The study
has created tremendous interest in and outside the Government. 

CAT erects a networked virtual community that serves as a central point
supporting the mediation between art, culture and digital media. The goal
is to identify the present German profile of digital media culture
practise and expertise. The highly creative potential of media artists and
experts needs an infrastructure as well as financial support. Further
training and education is essential for the CAT community. 

The international corporation between information technology and the arts
- theatre, dance, film, architecture, design and literature - is expected
lead to new processes and productions. 

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