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<nettime> Call for J18 material

>Dear J18  folks, Street Reclaimers and assorted rebels,
>Some people in London Reclaim the Streets are putting together a booklet
>about transnational activism which will include a lot about the June 18th
>global actions. It will be part of a series of 3  booklets published by
>Verso about and by  Reclaim the Streets. (not academic recuperation but
>inspirational agitprop written by activist themselves - you may have heard
>about this project last year,  its the same project which got put on ice
>leading up to June 18th - but its really happening now and is due out at
>the end of 2000) .
>We are desperate for images , texts, leaflets, posters, agitprop, ideas,
>rants - whatever you might have that could be part of this booklet which
>tells the story of your actions and process leading up to J18 ( or related
>stuff) . The booklet looks at the increasing globalisation of protest
>concentrating on various grassroots direct action networks such as Peoples
>Global Action (PGA) and the two international days of action the May 16th
>Global Street Party (1998) and the June 18th day of action in Financial
>centres (1999)
>It will analyse the rise of transnational activism, enabled by the internet
>and global activist gatherings such as the Zapatista inspired encuentros.
>and document the extraordinary June 18th 1999 international day of action
>in Financial and banking districts, which was perhaps the largest and most
>diverse day of action against global capital.
>If you have anything please send it to
>Reclaim the Streets book project
>c/o Sebastian Budgen
>6 Meard Street
>London W1V 3HR
>we will send you a free copy of the book when it is published.
>PS if you wish to know more about this project don't hesitate to email me.

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