Alan Sondheim on Tue, 10 Aug 1999 19:24:57 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Partition



My name is Nikuko. You have asked me to type my name in this space. This
is a space which will become other. This is an other space; you will wit-
ness the partition.  The partition breathes here. You will witness its
breathing. What is this but a barrier, foreclosing one space to another,
one time to another? Consider lag, it's loss, something almost too sweet,
irresolute...  Across this divide I cannot come to you; the message or the
missive or the missile is solitary, a trajectory. There is no turning back
because there is no 'back' and no Kehre, only the monad with its dull dead
eyes.  In order to reach me, other partitions, and other me's. In order to
call me, the construct of a calling, an other words. Absolute breaks like
exclusive-or or the Sheffer stroke. Thrown elsewhere. The world is not
redundant; there are tools whose function remain unknown, usable once. 
Every partition remains virginal, every hymen intact.  Gifts are runners,
transmissions; they are carriers of packets of modernization, orientations
of cognitive domains, resemblances of customary greetings and the prolif-
eration of bodies. Think of partitions as ignoring, devouring the gift -
no acknowledgment, an eternal syn attack on the host of the real. 


What I have written is the bifurcation - this division among us, this par-
tition. Liking is a matter of fit, as David Bohm said to me, and prog-
rams fit as well as the world of words.  The monad is a blind monitor. 
The body closes itself off to the other even in the midst of the bearing
of gifts. Consider the world a bricolage, making-do, heuristics against
the presumed and presumptive tyranny of universal laws. Beyond core-theo-
retical approaches, nothing. On the other side, the chaotic domains of the
implicate order.  This time the real displays itself, as if there were
movements, actions, as if there were potential. Potential is always the
imaginary of a field, 'such-and-such' might have been in this future an-
terior of possible worlds. 

[ Written through a program, 'ask,' with a simple graphic interface: 
first partition a group of statements, second partition opinions rela-
tive to 'liking' them, entries alternating between partitions.  ]


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