Meiko And Ryu on Mon, 9 Aug 1999 20:16:04 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Disjointed reaction to the Wasabe Beat Concern CD

> Revolution is fought in america 
> no longer by riots or revolutionaries
> but by the individual in daily 
> routines. It is not a political 
> war and it is not a violent war. 
> It is a war that achieves very real
> success by fighting with MEIKO AND
> bullets. 

Meiko and Ryu CD have achieved 
#7 and #14 on electronic music 
chart for!!!

But do not place us on
list!!! Meiko and Ryu ask that 
everyone who enjoy Meiko and 
Ryu go for see more track!!!

We have little understand of why
song chart say we have #7 and #14
song, but pretend meiko and 
ryu no exist! Perhaps this very good 
for us, for we post this and get 
public for be martyr of!!!


Help $ave Meiko and Ryu from 
corporate oppress!!! Start 
internet fund! Pretend we are
communist radio station!!!
Call Geert Lovink!!! 

Very unsimilarity to commercial, 
we give below initial response 


Hey guys! I love your new track 
"wasabe acid". I'm adding it to my
internet broadcast line-up. Look out 
for Fibonacci Radio in the Techno
section of or go to and get Mp3Spy. I
broadcast when I'm not using the 

Also, check out Fibonacci at
http:/ .

Keep up the great work!...and thanks!

David Rose, Austin TX


On further observation, I believe 
I'm gonna put every damned one of
your songs on Fibonacci Radio...
and buy your CD to boot!


David Rose, Austin, TX


Surfing on i found your 
fantastic music ..How i can get 
more about you?

Your Wasabe Acxid make me remember  
music soundract of  Until the end
of the world Wim Wenders

Bye Mike


Do You Yahoo!?
Bid and sell for free at

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