Geert Lovink on Mon, 9 Aug 1999 10:42:32 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> The free voice of the real B92 is back


BELGRADE, August 2, 1999. Four months after the illegal government seizure
of the premises and frequency of the award-winning independent Belgrade
Radio B 92, the stations staff resumed newscasts at 08.00 CET on Monday
August 2, under the name of B2-92. 

Radio B92 was banned by Yugoslav telecommunications authorities on March
24, but continued to broadcast via the Internet and the Association of
Independent Electronic Media (ANEM) Radio and Television Networks until
its premises were forcefully occupied by a government appointee on April

The B2-92 news program is produced by the real team of Radio B92, all of
whom refused to work for the new government management currently using the
B92 name and frequency, and is broadcast on the third frequency 99.1 FM of
the Belgrade municipal station Studio B. The editorial independence of
Radio B2-92 is guaranteed in a contract between ANEM, of which the real
B92 is a founding member, and Studio B. 

The B2-92 program, which is on air from 08.00 am to 20.00 CET seven days a
week, has the familiar B92 mix of professional news, cosmopolitan music
and culture features. A complete program schedule is available on B2-92s
web site:

The B2-92 program is part of a broader campaign to restore Radio B92 to
its listeners and its rightful owners - its staff. The campaign will
involve various public actions in Belgrade, cyberspace and abroad, which
will be publicised on the B2-92 program and on the stations web site
(address as above). 

B2-92 will shortly restore Real Audio web casts of its programs on its
Internet site, as well as its Internet news bulletins in Serbian and in
English. Listeners of the real B92 outside Belgrade will also soon be able
to receive B2-92 news programming via their local stations in the ANEM
Radio and Television Networks. 

The real B92 team would like to thank the many people who have supported
and helped us during this difficult time, all of our listeners, and in
particular our partners in ANEM. We hope you will stay tuned to our
struggle to regain control of our B92 name and frequency, and to free all
other media that have experienced similar censorship and repression. 

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