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<nettime> camp report

Date: Sun, 8 Aug 1999 17:03:34 +0200 

Pressrelease Sunday Camp 99
Pressgroup Bordercamp 99

Zittau, 08.08.1999 - 11 am

Start of Anti-racist Bordercamp near Zittau, site problem now resolved

The summer camp with around 500 activists of the campaign "No one is
illegal" was launched on Saturday, 8 August, with a music parade and a
concert. After discussions between the organisers of the camp and the
local authorities, an old NVA (National People's Army) site was agreed
upon as a temporary location. Today, on Sunday, the Border Camp will
relocate from there to a field along the Goerlitzer Strasse at the
entrance of Zittau. The camp organisers have thus imposed themselves
against the will of the mayor of Zittau in the dispute about getting a
site. During the concert on the town square of Zittau, a spokesperson of
the Campaign emphasised that the argument about the location of the camp
site was over now. "We have come to discuss how the system of exclusion
and border control increasingly forces people who are trying to get into
Europe into illegality." Whilst the bands musically tackled the themes of
power, borders and communication, a Camp newspaper was distributed amongst
interested passers-by. Participants in the camp include anti-racist and
anti-fascist groups as well as musicians, internet activists, DJs and
artists from Germany, the Czech Republic, France, the United Kingdom,
Bulgaria, from the Ukraine and Russia as well as the organisation of
African refugees "The Voice". A group of Polish activists was greeted at
the border in the afternoon. They reported on their action days at the
Ukrainian-Polish border, from where they had just come. During one week,
the participants in the camp will be present in the area where the borders
between Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany meet, in order to oppose
their resistance to the border policies and to undermine a certain racist
frame of mind. We will gladly provide interested media people with more
information. Call ++49-170-953 07 83. 

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