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<nettime> Camp: Last Update

From: Chaos Update <>
To: "Chaos Update" <>


The construction of the Camp is almost completed. Most installations are
done, ready for you to come. The Heart Of Gold has reached earth orbit a
couple of hours ago and now synchronizes with our main control systems. 

Once the tests are completed, the HOG Crew joins the crowd to repair the
ship. We are waiting for your help. 


We have now arranged a regular shuttle service to the Camp for those who
come by train or plane to Berlin. Shuttle starts on a hourly basis from
S-Bahnhof Ahrensfelde (S7). Get there and wait for the shuttle bus to
arrive. You can plan your journey using the Deutsche Bahn Infosystem.

Use "Ahrensfelde (S), Berlin" as your "To:" station.

Note: the bus will wait for trains that arrive close to the full hour. If
there is no bus waiting, don't panic: it will return soon.

     day / hour         10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
     Wednesday (4.8)             XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX
     Thursday (5.8)     XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX XX
     Friday (6.8)       XX XX XX XX XX XX XX

The shuttle bus will also provide return tours on sunday (8.8.99) and
monday (9.8.99). Departure times will be published at the Camp.


The recent days have been quite dry and warm and weather forecast promises
no rain. This means everything is very dry and there is huge danger of

Do not make open fire at the Camp! We mean it! If you want to use camping
equipment at the Camp, bring your fire extinguisher with you. Remember
there is no real need to bring your own food because there is enough of
everything available at low prices. 


Dogs are not allowed at the Camp. Leave them at home. Thanks.


Don't forget

- Ethernet cables, Ethernet hubs
- Power cables, Power sockets
- Plastic bags (to wrap around your sockets because of dew in the
- FM radio to receive Radio Intergalaktik at 93,9 Mhz (!)
- Tent, Sleeping bag
- Torches, batteries (!)
- Your computer
- Sun protection (!), insect repellant
- swimming clothing (if you need them)
- No litter, except you take it with you, when you leave
- plastic bags to collect your litter
- GPS receivers, if available
- Sub-etha network receivers, if available
- peanuts


Please keep in mind, that we do not provide any insurance for your stuff
at the Camp. We have however a security team that has a close eye at the

Please respect the free marked areas where you must not put up your tent. 
Keep the roads free. 

The Camp Crew

Chaos Communication Camp, 6/7/8th August 1999
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