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<nettime> Re: I need your support for Elizabeth Dole

[originally to: To: "<Terry Neese" <>]

Dear Terry,

We are the campaign for Rudolf Giuliani's bid to replace Patrick Moynihan
in the U.S. Senate, against Hillary Clinton. We'd like to team up with
your campaign, as we fully support Elizabeth Dole against all contenders.
How can we help you? 

Best wishes,

Indigo Carruthers,

You wrote:
>Good Afternoon
>I wanted to take a moment of your time to ask you to consider joining me
>and hundreds of other small businesswomen across the country in supporting
>Elizabeth Dole for President of the United States.  As many of you have
>done throughout your lives, she is bucking the odds and blazing new ground
>in seeking the Republican nomination for President.  Her campaign is going
>well -- in large measure with the support of women entrepreneurs such as
>yourself.  She has raised more money than any candidate other than George
>Bush, she is consistently beating Vice President Gore in the polls, and is
>drawing record crowds with all her public appearances, especially in early
>caucus and primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire. 
>Please email me back and let me know if you want to be on the Elizabeth
>Dole team. There are many ways for you to get involved and help make
>history. If you would like to contribute to Elizabeth's campaign, you can
>do so right on line at
> If you
>want to learn more about the campaign and Elizabeth's position on issues
>of concern to you, please sign on to Elizabeth's web page at
>Elizabeth Dole has broken down barriers throughout her entire career and
>has sought to make a positive difference in every position she has held
>throughout here 30 years of public service -- as Secretary of
>Transportation, Secretary of Labor, and President of the American Red
>Cross.  Now is the time to help Elizabeth Dole break down this final
>barrier in our country.  Please join me and many other women across
>America in supporting Elizabeth Dole's campaign for the Republican
>nomination for President. 
>I look forward to hearing back from you.   
>Terry Neese
>Chair, Entrepreneurs for Dole
>CEO, Terry Neese Personnel Services
>Past President, National Association of Women Business Owners

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