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<nettime> http://helpKPFA.rtmark.com

[originally with attachments.]

Modelled after helpB92.xs4all.nl (in fact, ripped off from it),
helpKPFA.rtmark.com aims to quickly compare threats to independent media
in the United States to those in the former Yugoslavia.

For this, http://helpKPFA.rtmark.com uses plain text and a comparison
chart. HelpKPFA also provides several banners, modelled directly on
HelpB92's, which you can use to link to our exercise. 

http://helpb92.xs4all.nl was formed to support b92 when it was threatened
by the Serbian government. B92 is now under state control. KPFA's status
is uncertain. 

Comments and suggestions are welcome. 

Bringing IT to YOU.

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