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<nettime> mailradek no. 19 (demographical crisis)

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						text no. 81

The demographic crisis is to be considered purely biological: as any kind
of species, the mankind is regulated by the same rules.. When the
population exceeds the possibilities of terrain, the mechanism of reducing
the number of species engages * stress, disadaptation, epidemics etc.
Without listing all the other, one can take into consideration three major
factors: wars, crime, epidemics * and see that everything going on around
proves the fact that the population ecology protests against the extension
of population density. When the population extends beyond its
possibilities, the process of depopulation begins, which includes
reduction of overall population number, reduction of active period species
number, i.e. people get old faster, grow adult longer, stay in poor health

What did the authors of scientific recommendations for the UN conference
for population in 1984 suggest? There were proposals of massive
contraception programs in demographically dangerous areas, namely the
countries of the Third world. The contraception medicine, despite its wide
range of possibilities, is very cheap, because all the other ways
(infantile mortality and diseases, reduction of immunity) cost much more
after. The science is supposed to work out recommendations and programs,
and the states are up to implement them. The solution accepted wasn't a
scientific one, it was purely administrative. The administrators
considered the programs to be both economically ineffective and
ideologically impossible: "everyone who is supposed to be born must be
born". The pope provided a good support for this barbarous thesis, he
proclaimed that it was not necessary to fight the birth rate. America
won't provide any money for such foul purposes, Reagan supported him in
the person of James Barclay, an ultraconservative senator, the head of
American delegation, who knew nothing about science but was a director of
Radio Liberty, which hosted a stunning number of religious broadcasts for
Communist countries. 

It's not even necessary to mention the hypocrisy of clericals who "forbid"
the usage of contraceptives in the countries of the Third world, while the
inhabitants of their own countries are "allowed" to use these. I wonder
who is going to finance other hospitals a bit later, hospitals for great
amounts of children with inborn abnormalities because of reduced children
immunity, increased infantile death rates, diseases and all the things
that have been blooming in the past few years, due to the fact that no
measures had been taken. The postscriptum to the 1984 conference was
another meeting of the same organizations 12 years after * the results of
the former were denounced, the Reagan-Barclay method was violently
criticized, the idea of building hospitals and other contraceptive
measures was condemned, but, after coming to a theoretically right
conclusion, the conference of 1996 did nothing at all, because it involves
investing money, and there was no one to invest a cent already.

Even in 1984 any measures would be out of date, they should had been taken
in the beginning of the 70s. The science must remember: the more people
are born, the more certainly a war will be started. As a proverb says, if
many boys are born, there's going to be a war. The first world war
wouldn't have begun unless the huge birth boom of 1880-1890, i.e. the
generals before the war knew they would have swarms of soldiers in their
                                 translation: Alexey Kovalev

INFO: The Krasnodar process on *terrorism* is over: Larisa Schiptsova is
sentenced for 4 years, Gennadii Nepshikuev * for 3 years of imprisonment
(the prosecutor demanded 7 and 6). The fact that Larisa is at the 8th
month of pregnancy didn't prevent such a severe sentence. Larisa's
advocate Stanislav Markelov is going to appeal this decision and to make a
briefing within nearest days in Moscow. More information on the process is
available at:; 
According an unofficial information, there're three new criminal cases
inspirated by FSB at Moscow after the closure of the Krasnodar one. There
have been a series of searches in the activists' flats between 23 and 26
July, the PCs, private correspondence etc. withdrawn (with the witnesses
the students of Militia academy, for sure). 

There'll be an international action camp near the Novovoronezh nuclear
plant in Russia established on August 17, 1999. Everybody is welcomed and
all info is available: Antinuclear campaign of the Socio-Ecological Union
* phone +7(095)278 4642, +7(095)776 6546, e-mail: and, ECODEFENSE! * phone/fax 7(0112)437286, e-mail: 

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