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<nettime> fwd: <rolux> Deconstructing Internet Ideology (1)


Deconstructing Internet Ideology (1)


- the world's most famous philosopher

- a worldwide virtual forum

- online technologies are transforming our possibilities

- Sydney University's Power Institute and Online Australia

- General Manager, Information Economy and Public Awareness


subject: SPOON-ANN: Derrida Live on the Internet
   date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 16:39:36 +1000
   from: "Harkin, Brendan" <Brendan.Harkin@noie.gov.au>
     to: spoon-announcements@lists.village.virginia.edu


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Derrida Live Online!

See Jacques Derrida live on the internet from the Sydney Town Hall,
Australia at 8.00pm, 12 August 1999 (Aust EST) 

The world's most famous philosopher, Jacques Derrida, in his first visit
to Australia is being webcast live over the internet. 

Derrida will give a public address on 'Deconstructing Vision' at the
Sydney Town Hall at 8.00pm (Aust. EST) Thursday 12 August. This live
webcast is a world first - see one of the twentieth century's most
influential thinkers enacting his engagement with media in a worldwide
virtual forum. 

The live webcast is presented by Sydney University's Power Institute and
Online Australia - an Australian government initiative to raise awareness
of the ways online technologies are transforming our possibilities. 

Date:  Thursday 12 August
Time:  8.00pm Aust EST
webcast address: www.onlineaustralia.net.au

Brendan Harkin
General Manager, Information Economy and Public Awareness
National Office for the Information Economy
Level 40, Australia Square
Sydney 2000 Australia

email: brendan.harkin@noie.gov.au



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