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<nettime> Anti-copyright stance of *Q*'s authors

The German publishing house Piper Verlag has bought *Q*'s rights of
translation for 120,000 DMs, which is the highest offer Einaudi has ever
got from Germany. Such an investment makes you think, there will probably
be a big and stylish launch on the German book market.  As to the Spanish
translation, Grijalbo publishing house is already at work on the text.
This is the open letter we authors sent them a few weeks ago (back then,
we hadn't yet got an agent - now we've got him, and *he* is the guy
dealing with the - alas, partial - waiving of copyright) : 

Dear Mr. Claudio Lopez

We are glad to hear that Einaudi and Grijalbo came to terms about *Q*'s
Spanish edition. We are writing to remind all the parties involved of a
very important detail. Since the beginnings of the Luther Blissett Project
- for obvious reasons related to the nature and media strategy of this
multiple name - all books authored by "Luther Blissett" (both in Italy
and, e.g. Germany [the reference is to the *Handbuch der
Kommunikationsguerilla*, t.n.]) were published with formulas waiving
copyright, either totally or partially. All "Luther Blissett" output is an
ever-changing result of a collective process of network creation and
re-elaboration. If Grijalbo intends to strictly observe the international
laws on copyright, this would be perceived by every multi-use name bearer
as an unnatural strain.  As the old "Net.gener@tion" affair proved [see
<>], Luther Blissett's
transnational network is perfectly capable to reject and boycott a work by
the Multiple that is not freely reproducible, at least by single persons
or for non-commercial purposes.  *Q*'s Italian edition carries the
following wording: "Partial or total reproduction of this book, as well as
its electronic diffusion, are consented to the readers for non-commercial
use". We augur that all the involved parties agree about the insertion, in
the Spanish edition, of a similar wording in Castillan.  Thanks in
advance, and greetings from

Luther Blissett
(th authors of *Q*)

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Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 09:27:30 +0200
Subject: Re: Traduzione di Q in castigliano
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Nessun problema. Es un placer poder editar Q en lengua espaņola. Gracias
por todo y hasta pronto.
Un saludo muy cordial,

'Never been to a cinema school, never learnt the cinematographic technique.
It's by chance that I entered this profession. Simply, I had the urge to
create something, either a text, either a film, by any means. I wished my
desires to come true, for example the desire to kill cops. I cannot do this
in real life, of course. But in a film I can exterminate a huge number of
cops all at once. There you are, I started making movies for a very crude
motive.' (Koji Wakamatsu)

Re-thinking AIDS:

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