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<nettime> multicasting - generating artificial scarcity in the ip space ?

ok, computer literates wanted, especially IPv6, internet governance, and
media industry insider knowledge needed: 

this is a trial to not do the research but come with a thesis, maybe
somebody knows more on this list. we heard that ICANN aims to take over
IANA. we heard from people like Lawrence Lessig (Open Code for Open
Societies) that something like the 'Radio Act' is what the internet does
not need, but companies want.  what happened with the electromagnetic
field in the 20ies for partly good reasons, might happen with the net as a
multicasting medium just because of the lack of big companies to "adapt to
the new economy". 

search for "disney", "time warner" etc.
if such suspicions prove to be wrong, perfect!

have a nice summer



Host Extensions for IP Multicasting [RFC1112] specifies the extensions
required of a host implementation of the Internet Protocol (IP) to support
multicasting.  The multicast addressess are in the range through Current addresses are listed below. 

The range of addresses between and, inclusive, is
reserved for the use of routing protocols and other low-level topology
discovery or maintenance protocols, such as gateway discovery and group
membership reporting.  Multicast routers should not forward any multicast
datagram with destination addresses in this range, regardless of its TTL.  Base Address (Reserved)                   [RFC1112,JBP]  All Systems on this Subnet                [RFC1112,JBP]  All Routers on this Subnet                        [JBP]  Unassigned                                        [JBP]  DVMRP    Routers                          [RFC1075,JBP]  OSPFIGP  OSPFIGP All Routers             [RFC2328,JXM1]  OSPFIGP  OSPFIGP Designated Routers      [RFC2328,JXM1]  ST Routers                               [RFC1190,KS14]  ST Hosts                                 [RFC1190,KS14]  RIP2 Routers                            [RFC1723,GSM11] IGRP Routers                                [Farinacci] Mobile-Agents                            [Bill Simpson] DHCP Server / Relay Agent                     [RFC1884] All PIM Routers                             [Farinacci] RSVP-ENCAPSULATION                             [Braden] all-cbt-routers                             [Ballardie] designated-sbm				   [Baker] all-sbms					   [Baker] VRRP                                           [Hinden] Unassigned                            [JBP]  VMTP Managers Group	                    [RFC1045,DRC3]  NTP      Network Time Protocol           [RFC1119,DLM1]  SGI-Dogfight                                      [AXC]  Rwhod                                             [SXD]  VNP                                              [DRC3]  Artificial Horizons - Aviator                     [BXF]  NSS - Name Service Server                        [BXS2]  AUDIONEWS - Audio News Multicast                 [MXF2]  SUN NIS+ Information Service                     [CXM3]  MTP Multicast Transport Protocol                  [SXA] IETF-1-LOW-AUDIO                                  [SC3] IETF-1-AUDIO                                      [SC3] IETF-1-VIDEO                                      [SC3] IETF-2-LOW-AUDIO                                  [SC3] IETF-2-AUDIO                                      [SC3] IETF-2-VIDEO                                      [SC3] MUSIC-SERVICE                        [Guido van Rossum] SEANET-TELEMETRY                        [Andrew Maffei] SEANET-IMAGE                            [Andrew Maffei] MLOADD                                         [Braden] any private experiment                            [JBP] DVMRP on MOSPF                               [John Moy] SVRLOC                                       [Veizades] XINGTV                                         [Gordon] microsoft-ds                    <arnoldm@microsoft.com> nbc-pro                      <bloomer@birch.crd.ge.com> nbc-pfn                      <bloomer@birch.crd.ge.com> lmsc-calren-1                                    [Uang] lmsc-calren-2                                    [Uang] lmsc-calren-3                                    [Uang] lmsc-calren-4                                    [Uang] ampr-info                                     [Janssen] mtrace                                         [Casner] RSVP-encap-1                                   [Braden] RSVP-encap-2                                   [Braden] SVRLOC-DA                                    [Veizades] rln-server                                       [Kean] proshare-mc                                     [Lewis] dantz                                          [Yackle] cisco-rp-announce                           [Farinacci] cisco-rp-discovery                          [Farinacci] gatekeeper                                       [Toga] iberiagames                                   [Marocho] nwn-discovery                                 [Zwemmer] nwn-adaptor                                   [Zwemmer] isma-1                                          [Dunne] isma-2                                          [Dunne] telerate					    [Peng] ciena                                         [Rodbell] dcap-servers                                  [RFC2114] dcap-clients					 [RFC2114] mcntp-directory				    [Rupp] mbone-vcr-directory		               [Holfelder] heartbeat					 [Mamakos] sun-mc-grp					 [DeMoney] extended-sys				           [Poole] pdrncs				      [Wissenbach] tns-adv-multi				   [Albin] vcals-dmu					 [Shindoh] zuba                                          [Jackson] hp-device-disc                               [Albright] tms-production                                 [Gilani] sunscalar					  [Gibson] mmtp-poll                                    [Costales] compaq-peer					   [Volpe] iapp						   [Meier] multihasc-com			       [Brockbank] serv-discovery				  [Honton] mdhcpdisover				           [Patel] MMP-bundle-discovery1                          [Malkin] MMP-bundle-discovery2                          [Malkin] XYPOINT DGPS Data Feed                          [Green] GilatSkySurfer				     [Gal] SharesLive                                     [Rowatt] NorthernData				          [Sheers] SIP				             [Schulzrinne] IAPP                                          [Moelard] AGENTVIEW				            [Iyer] Tibco Multicast1                                 [Shum] Tibco Multicast2                                 [Shum] MSP                                             [Caves] OTT (One-way Trip Time)                      [Schwartz] TRACKTICKER                                    [Novick] dtn-mc                                         [Gaddie] jini-announcement			       [Scheifler] jini-request                                [Scheifler] sde-discovery				 [Aronson] DirecPC-SI					  [Dillon] B1RMonitor                                    [Purkiss] 3Com-AMP3 dRMON                               [Banthia] imFtmSvc                                       [Bhatti] NQDS4					   [Flynn] NQDS5					   [Flynn] NQDS6					   [Flynn] NLVL12					   [Flynn] NTDS1					   [Flynn] NTDS2					   [Flynn] NODSA					   [Flynn] NODSB					   [Flynn] NODSC					   [Flynn] NODSD					   [Flynn] NQDS4R					   [Flynn] NQDS5R					   [Flynn] NQDS6R					   [Flynn] NLVL12R					   [Flynn] NTDS1R					   [Flynn] NTDS2R					   [Flynn] NODSAR					   [Flynn] NODSBR					   [Flynn] NODSCR					   [Flynn] NODSDR					   [Flynn] MRM						     [Wei] TVE-FILE				     [Blackketter] TVE-ANNOUNCE			     [Blackketter] Mac Srv Loc                                 [Woodcock] Simple Multicast                           [Crowcroft] SpectraLinkGW				[Hamilton] dieboldmcast			           [Marsh] Tivoli Systems                               [Gabriel] pq-lic-mcast				  [Sledge] HYPERFEED				      [Kreutzjans] Pipesplatform                                [Dissett] LiebDevMgmg-DM				  [Velten] TRIBALVOICE				        [Thompson] UDLR-DTCP                                    [Cipiere] PolyCom Relay1                              [Coutiere] Infront Multi1			        [Lindeman] XRX DEVICE DISC				    [Wang] CNN                                            [Lynch] PTP-primary					  [Eidson] PTP-alternate1				  [Eidson] PTP-alternate2				  [Eidson] PTP-alternate3				  [Eidson] ProCast					  [Revzen] 3Com Discp					   [White] CS-Multicasting                               [Stanev] TS-MC-1				       [Sveistrup] Make Source					    [Daga] Teleborsa				       [Strazzera] SUMAConfig					 [Wallach]  Unassigned                          [JBP]  "rwho" Group (BSD) (unofficial)                   [JBP]  SUN RPC PMAPPROC_CALLIT                          [BXE1] SIAC MDD Service                     [Tse] CoolCast                       [Ballister] WOZ-Garage		       [Marquardt] SIAC MDD Market Service          [Lamberg] RFE Generic Service                 [DXS3] RFE Individual Conferences          [DXS3] CDPD Groups                  [Bob Brenner] SIAC Market Service                  [Cho] Unassigned			    [IANA] Cornell ISIS Project           [Tim Clark] Unassigned			    [IANA] Where-Are-You                    [Simpson] INTV                               [Tynan] Invisible Worlds                 [Malamud] DLSw Groups                        [Lee] NCC.NET Audio                    [Rubin] Microsoft and MSNBC              [Blank] UUNET PIPEX  Net News           [Barber] NLANR				 [Wessels] Hewlett Packard         [van der Meulen] XingNet		        [Uusitalo] Mercantile & Commodity Exchange [Gilani] NDQMD1			  [Nelson] ODN-DTV			  [Hodges] Dow Jones                         [Peng] Walt Disney Company             [Watson] Cal Multicast                    [Moran] SIAC Market Service                [Roy] IIG Multicast                     [Carr] Metropol                      [Crawford] Xenoscience, Inc.                 [Timm] MS-IP/TV                          [Wong] Reliable Network Solutions      [Vogels] TRACKTICKER Group               [Novick] Talarian MCAST                  [Mendal] WORLD MCAST			 [Stewart] Domain Scoped Group	          [Fenner] Report Group                  [Fenner] Query Group                   [Fenner] Border Routers                [Fenner]  ST Multicast Groups        [RFC1190,KS14]  Multimedia Conference Calls         [SC3]              SAPv1 Announcements               [SC3]              SAPv0 Announcements (deprecated)  [SC3]  SAP Dynamic Assignments           [SC3] DIS transient groups     [Joel Snyder]  MALLOC (temp - renew 12/99)   [Handley]  VMTP transient groups            [DRC3]
                           see single-source-multicast file  Static Allocations (temp - renew 6/00) [Meyer2] Administratively Scoped    [IANA,RFC2365] Reserved                    [IANA] Reserved                    [IANA] Reserved                    [IANA] Organization-Local Scope   [Meyer,RFC2365] Site-Local Scope (reserved)[Meyer,RFC2365] Site-Local Scope (reserved)[Meyer,RFC2365] Site-Local Scope (reserved)[Meyer,RFC2365] Site-Local Scope           [Meyer,RFC2365]

There is a concept of relative addresses to be used with the scoped
multicast addresses.  These relative addresses are listed here:

Relative  Description                                          Reference
--------- ---------------------------------------------------- ---------
    0     SAP Session Announcement Protocol                    [Handley]
    1     MDHCP Protocol                                         [Patel]
    2	  SLPv2 Discovery                                      [Guttman]
    3     MZAP							[Thaler]

These addresses are listed in the Domain Name Service under MCAST.NET
and 224.IN-ADDR.ARPA.

Note that when used on an Ethernet or IEEE 802 network, the 23
low-order bits of the IP Multicast address are placed in the low-order
23 bits of the Ethernet or IEEE 802 net multicast address  See the section on "IANA ETHERNET ADDRESS BLOCK".


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