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<nettime> The Physicality of Digital (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 10:44:05 +1000
From: Ben Haylock <>
Subject: The Physicality of Digital

Thankyou for requesting a Physicality of Digital Info Pack via email. This
email has been automatically generated. 

For a real-live human, please email as normal. 


Crixa has founded The Physicality of Digital, a completely digital film
festival to mark the coming of the new century: judged by industry
luminaries, celebrities from the media, and the world: 

Picture a film festival where you get to choose what you want to watch,
when you want to watch it and even how you want to watch it. 

Thatıs the Physicality of Digital: the chance to watch high quality short
films however and whenever you want to, based on the same technology that
brought the latest Star Wars: The Phantom Menace movie trailer to over 6
million people worldwide. 

>From the original videotape, film, or digital source, all the movies are
to be digitally compressed and served over the Internet at or made available for purchase in a hi-fidelity form
on VideoCD. 

Ben Haylock, Production Director of The Physicality of Digital, has
created an immersive environment where people can meet, discuss and
download digital film worksŠcompletely digitally. 

"Whether youıre looking for a short film to watch as it streams down to
your computer, or you want to download a high-quality masterpiece for
enjoyment later, weıve got you covered at The Physicality of Digital", he

 "And if youıre looking for the ultimate in hi-fi quality, you can place
an order online for a VideoCD of all the films exhibited and have it
delivered to you door, ready to watch in your VideoCD-compatible DVD

"You can even come to our gala premiere screening in an auditorium and
watch them on the big screen, direct from a digital projector". 

Watch the films that you want to: On the webŠOffline, on your computerŠIn
a digital auditoriumŠOr even on your big screen TV, in digital hi-fi! Itıs
the first Internet-based festival that focuses on the best viewing
experience possible, using some of the latest dissemination methods

The Physicality of Digital is made up of two sections: 

Directorıs Chair

Internationally renowned film-makers showcase their short works for your
digital enjoyment. Featuring: 

Fabian Astore, video and multimedia artist screens two of his short
experimental artworks, "A Visceral Moment" [4 minutes] and "Genesis IV" [5
minutes], both exhibited at the Berlin and Cadiz International Video

Michael Karris, videographer and cinematographer has created a short work
especially for The Physicality of Digital, exploring the work of
photomontagist Peter Lysiotis in a videomontage of digital art, with
"Letter to the Dead" [8 minutes]. 

Maree Delofski, multi-award winning documentary film-maker, recently
awarded several international accolades for her SBS-screened film "A
Calcutta Christmas" has submitted her long-form film "Every Little Breeze"
[20 minutes]. 

Competition Section

This section has three entry areas: Experimental, Short-form and
Long-form.  This is where new filmakers and lovers of the short film

In the experimental area, entrants are invited to submit works that might
ordinarily not be part of a genre in a traditional film festival: but in
The Physicality of Digital, they are to be viewed, downloaded, critiqued
and admired. Digital Operatives: rejoice! The time has come to brush off
that film and show it to the world. All entries must be 5 minutes zero
seconds duration or shorter. 

In the short-form zone, The Physicality of Digital is accepting films in
any genre under 5 minutes: thatıs five minutes, zero seconds and no more.
Short, sweet and always challenging, the films in this section are sure to
attract lively discussion. Hey, for some film-makers, 5 minutes is a long
film! All entries must be 5 minutes zero seconds duration or shorter. 

For the long-form arena, The Physicality of Digital invites submissions
that are more developed or more cinematic in their qualitiesŠthe long form
teases the viewer and invites them into a truly unique filmic experience.
The long form might even present the world with a feature film in the
making: and The Physicality of Digital invites the world to see your
talents at work. Dub those tapes, get those rushes developed and telecined
and get them entered into The Physicality of Digital. All entries must be
10 minutes zero seconds duration or shorter. 

Entries will be accepted on the following tape formats only:  8mm video,
PAL Hi-8 video, PAL VHS, PAL or NTSC S-VHS, PAL or NTSC MiniDV, PAL or

Entry is free: a small charge is applicable if entrants require their
tapes to be returned. 

Entrants are also invited to take part in the festival with all the films
made available on VideoCD for purchase. 

Entrants may choose to purchase their own film on VideoCD for A$10 (plus
shipping) or they may choose to purchase all the films on one VideoCD for
A$30 plus shipping. 

Any cheques should be made out to Crixa Design Pty. Ltd, and any
deliveries can be addressed to Ben Haylock, Production Director, The
Physicality of Digital, c/o 19 Norfolk Rd Epping NSW 2121. 

More details will be made available at in the coming

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