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<nettime> Output of your job "meta"

Date:         Thu, 22 Jul 1999 04:18:49 -0500
From: "L-Soft list server at University of Illinois at Chicago (1.8c)"
Subject:      Output of your job "meta"
To: meta@NULL.NET

> "It's been one of those weeks where the real-life happenings, the stuff
of Unknown command - ""IT'S". Try HELP. 

> the present, the real human beings perched before me, fizzling their
atoms Unknown command - "THE". Try HELP. 

> in dynamic play against the screen of time, have been nothing but
hackety, Unknown command - "IN". Try HELP. 

> tepid suckwater bores -- and practically inanimate compared to the books
Unknown command - "TEPID". Try HELP. 

> I've been reading, which have taken on a far more demanding vibrancy and
a Unknown command - "I'VE". Try HELP. 

> thicker presence of immediate human feeling."  Unknown command -

> Politics is perception.  Unknown command - "POLITICS". Try HELP. 

> "After dinner, when he and I were alone in the kitchen washing dishes,
he Unknown command - ""AFTER". Try HELP. 

> said we should stay up all night and talk about important stuff. He said
Unknown command - "SAID". Try HELP. 

> psychosis is the inability to discern between reality and fantasy, and
the Unknown command - "PSYCHOSIS". Try HELP. 

All subsequent commands have been flushed. 

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 Overhead CPU:  0.000 sec Paging I/O:  0
 CPU model:         000033447000

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