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hi nettimers,

allow me to forward to you two messages and some news about the border
camp <http://www.contrast.org/borders/camp> from aug 7 -15. 

actually members of some of the most popular pop bands from germany, such
as 'Blumfeld', 'Tocotronic', 'Die Goldenenen Zitronen' and several DJ's
are preparing the opening of the border camp at german-polish-czech border
triangle. on saturday, august 7th, a music-, film and theatre parade
through the city of Zittau will move to the campsite, joined by the
arriving campers and activists and DJ's from Poland. 

all of you, who won't come to the camp can follow up the events through a
webjournal, which will be released at least once per day. since the people
at the campsite will have very reduced capacities, we are looking for
remote editors. if you are interested, please send a message to
<grenze@ibu.de>.  .  within the last weeks we received a lot of messages
from people, who announced to come and to contribute, and also from
people, who were very sorry, because of no time, holidays and so on. but
there is a number of people, who would be very interested in joining the
camp, but they have no chance to afford the travel expanses. especially
for those, who come from countries like Albania, it is impossible to
reduce the costs by hitchhiking, taking cheap trains etc., because it
would increase the number of visas they need. So they have to take quite
expansive flights.  we tried to get some fund raising, but as it seems,
hopefully it will be enough for the basics. so, if there are some people,
who see a possibility to organise a certain contribution or a cool way to
reduce the travel costs of some individuals, please contact us asap. 

see you at the campsite, florian. 


Forwarded from: Alternative Network for Eastern Europe


Mircea Nedelciu is dead. Nedelciu is one the best romanian writers of the
last 20 years and, in the same time, a man who loved the french culture
and language. His work was about the free man, fighting the oppressive
system. His drama started in 1991, when he was diagnosed with cancer. He
was invited in France by french writers and, after a long wait, he managed
to obtain the french visa. He arrived in France and he was consulted by
some of the best french surgeons. He was scheduled for operation in the
fall of '95. The french doctors offered their services "pro bonno" and
french writers offered to cover the rest of the expenses. But in the mean
time his visa expired and Nedelciu had to return to Romania and ask for
another visa from the French Embassy.  Well, now you'll see the most
incredible example of cynicism. He was granted a visa to stay in France
starting with the next day after the date when his operation was scheduled
! Off course, people protested here but the french bureaucrats couldn't
care less. In the end a new date for the operation was found and, after
the intervention of Romania's President directly to Chirac, he was allowed
to go. The operation was performed in 1997, two years after the original
date ! It was too late. Mircea Nedelciu died on July 14 1999, the french
national day. 

Dan Grosu

The Movement for Alternative Society from Romania at


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Subject: RNN Exclusive / Roma from the Kosovo flee to Itlaly
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 13:24:41 +0200
From: "RomNews Network" <romnews@romnews.com>
To: "RNNListe" <romnewsnetworknewslettera@romnews.com>

Rome / ITALY ( RNN Correspondent ) July the 21st, 1999

Yesterday, 20 jul 1999, arrived in the port of Brindisi (southern Italy) 
a boat with 541 Roma from Kosovo (208 children, 149 men and 184 women). 
The boat had leaved the Montenegro coast and reached the italian port
accompanied by the italian military forces. The day before had arrived
other 762 roma refugees from Kosovo. 

The italian government decided yesterday that because of the end of the
"official conflict" in Kosovo no more refugees will be accepted in Italy,
and all those who in theese days reached the italian soil from Kosovo must
be councidered as illegal immigrants to be expelled back in their Country
of origin. All the roma in Brindisi and Bari described the serious
mistreatments that they had suffered in Kosovo: their houses have been
burnt, their lives menaced. Once more the roma people is damaged from war
and not recognized as victim of the war from the civilized world. 

Roberto Cherubini for RNN

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hacking the borderline camp 7-15 aug 1999

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