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R  E  P  O  R  T  B  A  C  K

I can't vouch for what's actually 
happening, the headline on the inside page 
events in a little village, it's a story 
about what happened two days ago 
they shot and killed I think in the news
today two days afterward basically
if you read between the lines fostering 
nationalist divisions what remains 
a two mile long strip of factories.

You can see we brought a bunch of pictures 
in the more than 11 weeks, London, Dresden, 
nothing on this scale has happened since,
all refineries virtually all refineries destroyed
imagine the impact of this in a few months
when winter comes, the majority of heavy industry
they took us to a factory the students, what--?

We left about a month before the bombing stopped, 
the picture where there's an explosion 
going on in the middle of a war there's more 
demand for cigarettes, a lot of those factories 
have facilities U.S. workers aren't used to, 
like kindergartens, social gains.

It's not just the United States, 
inside of what's in another village being 
what's being said to the world, decoys,
the main target of the bombing heavy industry
Albanians; British and French, all those 
who were coming from 15,000 feet above 
even the bourgeois press admits the damage
done to the military has been not that great.

Without the regime in Russia 
the deal would not have gotten signed, including 
in this country during the bombing 
most of those who call themselves "Left"
that somehow Russia was standing up
once the dust settled and the pomp was over
sending troops in a bureaucratic stunt,
diplomacy to get a piece of Kosovo.

Remember a little bit what happened,
how Russian troops were used in Angola
how they acted, any idea that Moscow
can act in the interests of working people.
Go all the way back to the beginning
of the century 1912/13 the prelude
in one of the things that Lenin said, 
"a Balkan Republic," Albania a colony 
of Italy, Serbia incorporated Kosovo,
semi-feudal conditions, Yugoslavia
formed as a prison house of nations.

you must be crazy to have that idea
in 1990 the End of History, there's a history 
to that somehow, a positive thing,
among all here in this country for almost a year
we advocated independence for Kosovo
that was wrong--SELF DETERMINATION
defend Yugoslavia against its break-up.
People will not tolerate the Protectorate.

Put your money in pyramid schemes
Open Letter to Our Albanian Friends
they went and set up tables against the regime
Macedonian , Serbian and Albanian  
emails the way they were communicating, 
she was trying to explain something, 
like this old guy we met in northern Y
"I'm simply telling you my life story" 
he said, "we lived like serfs." 
He actually remembered the Balkan Command
and his son died in jail.

One factory in southern Albania
how hard it is even there to restore
not even India and Uganda is this bad
said the plant manager, a manager
forced by the workers to give a tour to us, 
about the state of the machinery
an entire arm caught in front of our eyes.

Don't prettify anything, ask Is that true?
Reuters wire 40 children throats cut
48 hours later Reuters retracted
describe what actually did happen
after the town fell, Albanians and Serbs
cannot live together is the picture
they're painting to justify NATO
used as a tool to advance its use.

The Labour Party Tony Blair
German Social Democrats
in Somalia U.S. troops 
began to be killed, hi-tech air war, 
what appears to be their gain 
can turn into their disaster 
at the end of the Iraq war
the Eastern Airlines strike
the Pittston miners strike

Depend not on gurus
all those who would be delivered
right to your house U.S. mail
and ask people to think about it
what reactions do you get
from people where you work
and I hope that people will speak
about that or other questions
that are on your mind, all the way 
from Missouri to Yugoslavia
the Nimitz is sitting in the dock
eight nuclear reactors in retrofit
in the middle of a war, "getting
that boat out is not our problem."

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