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01 . Sylvie Parent/Valerie 
     Lamontagne                   . participation to the magazine
02 . intima                       . who wants to be #13
03 . Vicky Bennett                . "That's America?"
04 . Joy Garnett                  . Call for Submissions : The Durban 
                                    Art Gallery & the New S.A. Democracy
05 . Tilman Baumgaertel           . Live Reporting from "Wizards of OS"
06 . Beth Rosenberg               . CRITICAL FORUM ON GAME DESIGN/CULTURE
07 . Antje Weitzel                . from 0-1/and back again
08 . Le Monde diplomatique        . July, 1999 
09 . Sean Cubitt                  . Screen issue on special effects cinema

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Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 15:46:43 -0400
From: "Sylvie [iso-8859-1] Parent/Valérie Lamontagne" <>
Subject: participation to the magazine


We have received numerous suggestions of Web sites to include in
the "Intimacy and Interactivity (Between You and Me)" section of the
7th Edition of the CIAC's Electronic Art Magazine.

Please consult the sites that have so far been proposed by our
readers, all of which have been very pertinent. This section is open to
all and
has been growing in the number, quality and variety of submitted sites.

Consider this is an invitation! You may suggest your own site or
that of someone else, and can choose to identify yourself or not. We
appreciate your participation.

Thank You,

Sylvie Parent
The CIAC's Electronic Art Magazine
Centre international d'art contemporain de Montréal

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Date:  Thu, 15 Jul 1999 01:49:47 +0200
From: "intima" <>
Subject:  ann! ...  who wants to be #13

#13 registration list
(intimate database)

july 20, 1999
in memoriam
july 20, 1969

n. a. was the first man walking on the surface of the moon.
he touched down on july 20, 1969.
h. s. was the last. who will be the next one?

july 20, 1999 = july 20, 1969 + 30 years

untill now there were 12 people walking on the moon.
who wants to be #13?

1.neil armstrong
apollo 11 (jul 16 - 24, 1969) 
2.edwin buzz aldrin
apollo 11 (jul 16 - 24, 1969) 
3.charles conrad
apollo 12 (nov 14 - 24, 1969) 
4.allan bean
apollo 12 (nov 14 - 24, 1969) 
5.edgard mitchell
apollo 14 (jan 31 - feb 09, 1971) 
6.allan shepard
apollo 14 (jan 31 - feb 09, 1971) 
7.alfred worden
apollo 15 (jul 26 - aug 07, 1971) 
8.james irwin
apollo 15 (jul 26 - aug 07, 1971) 
9.john young
apollo 16 (apr 16 - 27, 1972) 
10.charles duke
apollo 16 (apr 16 - 27, 1972) 
11.eugene cernan
apollo 17 (dec 07 - 19, 1972) 
12.harrison schmitt
apollo 17 (dec 07 - 19, 1972)
13. ?name?
?mission? (?date?)

by intima (mission: vsemirje)

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Date:  Thu, 15 Jul 1999 14:26:23 +0100
From: (Vicki Bennett)
Subject:  ann! ...  "That's America?"


You've received this forwarded message because of your involvement with the
arts, anti-censorship, the Negativland programme "Over the Edge" (on KPFA),
or broadcasting in some way.  Please take time to read it - it's pretty
nasty what is going on - please pass this news on.

Please subscribe to the following to keep up to date on what is going on:
send the word "subscribe" to


People Like Us

>>July 14, 1999
>>More info:
>>* Why KPFA and WBAI have been targeted by the US government
>>* An eyewitness account of the armed censoring of KPFA
>>* What you can do
>>* Beware of "incidents"  - VERY IMPORTANT for people planning
>>to attend protests
>>- Why KPFA and WBAI have been targeted by the US government
>>Some people not familiar with Pacifica have asked what KPFA
>>and WBAI broadcast.  I can answer this from first hand experience.
>>When I lived in New York in the 1980s, I was a frequent WBAI listener.
>>WBAI was the *only* source of information on the US-sponsored
>>atrocities in Central America as they were happening, atrocities
>>Clinton admitted to over a decade later (200,000 killed in Guatemala
>>alone by US-trained death squads and military)
>>WBAI also was the only source of comprehensive and comprehensible
>>information on the arms-drugs-terror network organized during the
>>Reagan administration which involved sending weapons to Iran (a
>>US enemy), cocaine to the United States, and training and support for
>>the terror campaign in Nicaragua which, like US bombing in
>>Iraq and Yugoslavia, targeted civilians and basic social and economic
>>infrastructure. This reporting took place in the 1980s.
>>WBAI broadcast the entire Iran/Contra Gate hearings live.  Larry
>>Bensky (banned from KPFA) and Dennis Bernstein (pulled off
>>the air last night by armed guards) provided the only real-time,
>>informed and intelligent commentary on these hearings and their
>>significance available anywhere in the US broadcast world.
>>Just a few of the stories KPFA and WBAI has aired in depth
>>over the years:
>>The massive drug operation run out of the Mena airport during Clinton's
>>term as governor of Arkansas; Hillary Clinton's involvement
>>with S&L fraud and the INSLAW fraud; the CIA-enabled, Contra-run
>>enterprise to import tons of cocaine to the US;  the ongoing US-engineered
>>holocaust in Iraq.  KPFA and WBAI has consistently covered material,
>>in significant detail, that no other broadcast unit in the US and
>>very, very few print outlets have been willing to tackle.
>>And now they are being taken off the air by a Clinton appointee
>>aided by armed thugs in the employ of a company managed
>>by former intelligence operatives
>>- An eyewitness account
>>"I ran into Larry Bensky at about 4:30 PM near KPFA. Larry said that Lynn
>>Chadwick had issued another stern warning that anyone talking about
>>Pacifica affairs on the air would be fired immediately (this after Media
>>Alliance released the internal memo from Micheal Palmer indicating that the
>>board is in active negotiation to sell the network's assets a day after MF
>>Berry firmly denied that any sale was in the works at her invitation-only
>>news conference yesterday.) Pacifica had brought in the station manager
>>from the Houston station which has already been sanitized, as Rafael
>>Ramirez has documented, and he was ready to gag anyone who who violated
>>Chadwick's order.
>>Dennis Bernstein did, of course, in the last 20 minutes of "Flashpoints."
>>He not only ran news of the memo, but aired a statement in support of KPFA
>>by Mumia and another (one of a series being done by notables around the
>>country) by Scoop Nisker.Shortly after 6, Bernstein's newscast was
>>interrupted; it was clear that the guards had come in to remove him from
>>the newsroom. The station went silent.
>>This was heard all over Northern California. I went down immediately.
>>Others heard it on their car radios and also went to the station. When I
>>got there, the front doors were open and a number of people got in the
>>front corridor but were stopped at the lobby by Berkeley police. More
>>people arrived and the police eventually closed off Martin Luther King, Jr.
>>Way. People were furious and shouting "Shame" and "It's OUR station". The
>>local media got into the station with vid-cameras and got some footage.
>>Eventually, the Berkeley police chief announced that if people didn't
>>leave, they would be arrested for trespassing and sent to the county jail
>>at Santa Rita. Many people (including a couple in their 80s that I saw)
>>chose to be arrested.
>>A growing and angry crowd moved to the rear of the bldg as police began
>>bringing people out in handcuffs and putting them into a black mariah. More
>>people kept arriving, and so did police in riot gear. There was a great
>>deal of angry shouting, and near-riot conditions, though Channel 5 reported
>>that the crowd threw rocks at the police, and that was a lie. I left before
>>9, but the 11 PM news said that hundreds were still down there and were
>>prepared to spend the night.
>>Well, it seems that the events of the past month or so were not accidental.
>>The security guards are from a company that specializes in hostile
>>takeovers, and that is what has happened and what was probably planned. It
>>appears that there will now be a lockout of staff members; Pacifica has
>>seized the station and will try to reprogram it or to sell it to someone
>>who will.
>>I have never seen anything so baldfaced and blatant,at least since Nixon's
>>Watergate mess. This MUST become an international issue; the Pacifica
>>station in Houston has already been sanitized and the one in Los Angeles is
>>on its way with a station manager enforcing the gag rule there. As of
>>today, KPFA probably no longer exists as a voice of dissent. WBAI is next,
>>and then there will be nothing. All of this, according to MF Berry and her
>>sidekicks, in the neame of reaching a broader audience. They'll do so by
>>turning KPFA into a jukebox.
>>There should be a campaign to see that Berry is removed immediately as head
>>of the US Civil Service Commission...though it is likely to be ineffective,
>>since she seems to be doing precisely what those in the government want her
>>to do -- destroy the Pacifica network. She's proving very effective at the
>>- What you can do
>>Dozens of protestors were arrested tonight by over 50 Berkeley
>>police in riot gear in a massive five hour
>>protest inside and outside KPFA.  Pacifica had taken local KPFA
>>programming off the air shortly after 6 p.m. and substituted taped
>>programs from the archives, run by an engineer, Mark Torrres,
>>brought in from the Pacifica Program Service in Los Angeles.
>>The takeover operation was supervised by Pacifica Houston station
>>manager Garland Ganter, who a year and a half ago cancelled almost
>>all of KPFT's community programmers and installed a nearly all
>>music format, "The Sounds of Texas."
>>The last words heard on KPFA were those of KPFA news co-director Mark
>>Mericle describing "Flashpoints" host Dennis Bernstein being dragged
>>out of the studio by the armed security guards who have been inside KPFA for
>>a month.  Bernstein could be heard in the background.
>>More than 500 people blocked both downtown Berkeley streets leading
>>to KPFA, and several dozen, along with KPFA staff people, refused
>>to leave the building.  They were arrested - sometimes with painful
>>arm holds used - and taken to the nearby police station, where
>>most were cited and released.
>>First, it is time to get our elected officials involved in stopping Mary
>>Frances Berry before she demolishes this federally licensed broadcast
>>entity any further.  Please call Berkeley Congresswoman Barbara Lee either
>>in Washington at (202) 225-2661 or in Oakland at (510) 763-0370 and
>>DEMAND that she get involved IMMEDIATELY!  KPFA's tradition of
>>free speech, advocacy for peace and justice, and community control is
>>threatened as never before by the Berry/Chadwick regime!  (NOTE:
>>Congresswoman Lee inherited legislative aide Roberta Brooks from
>>her predecessor, Ron Dellums.  Brooks, who resigned under pressure
>>as a Pacifica board member a few months ago, seems to have been one of
>>the architects and supporters of Berry's disastrous activities.  Therefore
>>Congresswoman Lee may need a great deal of education on the KPFA/
>>Pacifica conflict.)
>>Another official to call IMMEDIATELY - Berkeley residents especially! -
>>is Berkeley city manager James Keene.  PROTEST the exhorbitant use
>>of police power - more than fifty officers on duty for over five hours -
>>against peaceful demonstrators.  Let Keene know that you resent your
>>tax money being spent to enforce Dr. Berry's schemes, and that in
>>any case he needs to be present to supervise police officers who used
>>many painful tactics in arresting non-violent people.  (510) 644-6580.
>>(Also: Berkeley residents contact your councilperson and mayor Dean
>>and DEMAND that they be present at 5 p.m. today!)
>>Mark Torres of the Pacifica Program Service is running tapes on KPFA
>>to replace regular programmers.  Call him at (818) 506-1077 Ext.266
>>to express your opinion about his scab activities.
>>Garland Ganter of KPFT has been imported to KPFA to enforce the Berry/
>>Chadwick takeover.  Call him at (713) 526-4000 ext. 310 and let him
>>know what you think about his role in this devastation of KPFA.
>>VERY IMPORTANT: Pacifica programmers have been terrorized
>>into silence under threat of dismissal if they discuss on the air what
>>Berry and Chadwick are doing.  CALL THESE STATIONS
>>KPFK: (818) 985-5735
>>KPFT: (713) 526-5738
>>WPFW: (202) 588-0893
>>WBAI: (212) 209-2900
>>Pacifica Network News - 1-888-770-4944 ext. 323
>>Amy Goodman - (212) 209-2800
>>- Beware of "incidents"
>>The demonizaion of KPFA supporters by creating an "incident" at
>>upcoming protests is, unfortunately, a possible occurrence.  If
>>police from other jurisdictions, esp SF and Oakland, are brought
>>in to help, it is a *likely* occurrence.  The "incident" will
>>most likely take the form of a "riot" which will be created by
>>the police officers themselves under the direction of their
>>superiors.  The FBI is part of Reno's Justice Department and
>>that agency as well as  the CIA and NSA have close connections
>>with the Bay Area police force.
>>To anyone attending political demonstrations in the US, general guidelines
>>to insure your physical safety:
>>1. Be aware of the location of police officers at all times
>>2. Do not allow yourself to get "boxed in" to an area you cannot
>>easily leave
>>3. Be alert to the staging of police officers out of sight
>>of the main protest, esp.if they are armed with bats
>>and riot gear.  Also be alert to a pattern of deliberate
>>provocation by police officers.  Be aware too of "odd" individuals
>>loudly advocating violence. These conditions often precede
>>a police riot.  Bay Area police are well practiced in
>>arranging these things.
>>4. If possible, monitor police radio so as to be aware of
>>orders and intentions
>>5. Bring disposable cameras and a note pad and
>>pen. In the event of police violence, immediately get
>>the names and contact info of all witnesses. Do not delay
>>one minute if you intend to gather useful info.
>>6. Do not verbally or physically contend with police
>>officers at the scene at any time.
>>7. Do not engage in civil disobedience (blocking doorways,
>>refusing a police order) *unless* you are prepared to: a) be
>>assaulted, b) go to jail, and/or c) be brought up on false charges
>>Your chances of justice in such circumstances are close
>>to zero regardless of witnesses and documentation.
>>A typical US police tactic is to seal off an area, create
>>an "incident", and then send in a huge reserve force of armed
>>police to indiscriminately assault everyone present.
>>These officers are usually misled as to the nature of the
>>situation, often told police officers themselves are
>>under attack.
>>Very often the assault is preceded by a police siren
>>and the sudden appearance of large numbers of police
>>seemingly out of nowhere clubbing and striking
>>everyone in sight. Media will take photographs
>>and video, but, except in rare circumstances,
>>all that will appear on TV will be shots of people
>>being handcuffed and led away and those who are,
>>understandably, reacting badly.
>>In circumstances like these, no one - not photographers,
>>bystanders, even the handicapped* - is immune from
>>assault. Get yourself and your friends out of the area
>>immediately - and come back to protest another day.
>>More about these tactics and how they are used in
>>San Francsico:
>>* During the Critical Mass police riot in San Francisco
>>in July 1997, a pedestrian bystander with polio was
>>knocked unconscious, handcuffed, beaten with clubs,
>>and pepper spayed in that order. He was charged with
>>"grabbing the ankles of a police officer and causing
>>him to fall" - assaulting a police officer.

   ................................................................... 04

Date:  Thu, 15 Jul 1999 11:37:30 -0400
From: Joy Garnett <>
Subject:  ann! ...  Call for Submissions : The Durban Art Gallery & the New
S.A. Democracy


Call for Submissions : The Durban Art Gallery & the New S.A. Democracy:

Durban Art Gallery
P.O. Box 4085

Carol Brown, Director
tel: 31-27-3006230

"POST-IT 4085"

The Durban Art Gallery invites you to submit an original artwork on a
postcard for their last exhibition to be held before the millenium. The
postcards can be made in any medium, must conform to standard postal
size, and must bear a postmark. The cards will all be auctioned for the
acquisition budget of the Durban Art Gallery. An exhibition of postcards
will be held in December 1999 preceeding the auction.

This is the most crucial time in South Africa's history with the
transition to a new democracy. The Durban Art Gallery has no acquisition
budget, and the inability to purchase works has had an impact on local,
emerging artists. The Friends of the Durban Art Gallery have taken this
initiative to mobilize the international arts community to take part in
this project and assist South Africa's art community.

-Prints are acceptable but edition must not exceed 5.

-All cards must be postmarked.

-Copyright for publicity purposes is given to the Durban Art Gallery,
ie: reproduction on website, printed media, TV, etc.

-(If artist does not wish to give copyright permission, please send a
signed declaration stating as much).

-All proceeds from auction will be used for the purpose of acquisitions
for the Durban Art Gallery.

-All postcards should bear the artist's name, address, and contact info.

Final submission date is November 1st, 1999. Postcards must be
postmarked by this date.


Durban Art Gallery
P.O. Box 4085

Carol Brown, Director
tel: 31-27-3006230

   ................................................................... 05

Date:  Thu, 15 Jul 1999 22:17:31 +0200
From: Tilman Baumgaertel <>
Subject:  ann! ...  Live Reporting from "Wizards of OS"

Live-Reporting from "Wizards of OS" at

*Wizards of OS*
Open Sources and Free Software
16. und 17. Juli 1999
Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (former Kongre§halle)

        "Wizards of OS" is taking place on Friday and Saturday in Berlin.
It is
the first major conference on open source and free software in Germany.

        3Open Sourceã has become a major topic due to the success of the
system Linux. But Linux is only one of many programs that have been
developed by many programmers throughout the world without the intention to
make money out of it. Other examples are the skripting language PERL or the
server software Apache. Even major companies like Netscape or Apple have
made part of their software open source recently. Many of these activities
have been coordinated in Germany. At "Wizards of OS" some of the most
important figures of the german "open source" scene in Germany will get

        But "Wizards of OS" is not a tech conference. It is an
event that adresses everbody who is interested in the social, political and
economic meaning of software. The speakers include not only programmers,
but also philosophers, artists, media critics and economists. The
participants include:

- Richard Stallmann, Free Software Foundation (Boston)

- Tim OâReilly, OâReilley-Verlag (Sebastopol (USA))

- Prof. Friedrich Kittler, Humbold-UniversitSt (Berlin)

- Rishab Aiyer Gosh, Internet-Journal 3First Mondayã (Neu Delhi)

- Timothy Druckrey, critic (New York)

- Alexei Shulgin, net artist (Moscow)

- Peter Weibel, head of the Zentrum fŸr Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM)

        For all of those unfortunate enough not be be able to come to
Berlin for
"Wizards of OS" can follow online-reporting in german and english and a
live video stream from the conference at:

        "Wizards of OS" is organized by the Berlin media initiative mikro e.V.,
the department for informatics of the Humboldt University Berlin and the
Zentrum fŸr Kunst und Medienthechnologie (ZKM).

        May the source be with you!

   ................................................................... 06

Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 16:11:22 +0000
From: Beth Rosenberg <>

Please join us for Eyebeam Atelier's annual forum on technology and
culture which begins on Monday July 19th.  This year's Online Critical
Forum is on digital game design and game culture and is called Re:PLAY
<>.  This program is presented by Eyebeam
Atelier and Tech University of British Columbia.  The forum is primarily
web-based, but there is an opportunity to subscribe to a condensed
version of the weeks' topics by emailing:

Re:PLAY will unite digital theorists, game developers, media critics,
computer scientists, scholars, researchers, hackers, and professional
game players with the public for a five-week intensive debate about the
past, present and future of games.

Re:PLAY is directed by Eric Zimmerman, game designer and Professor at
NYU ITP, and co-moderated by Laura Trippi and Ron Wakkary, Professors of
Interactive Arts at TechBC.  Participants include John Buchanan
(Electronic Arts), Grey Costykian (game designer), Chris Crawford
(Erazmatazz), Dennis "Thresh" Fong (professional gamer), Richard
Garfield (Magic: the Gathering), Kori Inkpan (SFU), Henry Jenkins (MIT),
Maria Klawe (University of British Columbia), David Koenig (Gigawatt
Studios), Frank Lantz (NYU IPT, R/GA), Brenda Laurel (Purple Moon), Marc
LeBlanc (Looking Glass), Lev Manovich (UC San Diego), Brian Moriarty
(MPath), Anne Marie Schleiner (artist and curator), McKenzie Wark (media
and game critic), Johnny Wilson (Computer Gaming World), and Bernie Yee
(Sony Online).

   ................................................................... 07

Date:  Fri, 16 Jul 1999 01:57:49 +0200
From: Antje Weitzel <>
Subject:  ann! ...  from 0-1/and back again

Between Project Planning and Projection
>from 0-1/and back again - A Projectile at the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt

>From July 23rd (opening: 11 pm) to August 8th 1999, Frankfurt's Schirn
Kunsthalle will be hosting the project 'from 0-1/and back again', a
laboratory situation in which artists, musicians, graphic designers,
developers and others will cooperate. The laboratory itself, which
several professional computer workplaces, is the focus of this two-week
event. There are also various presentation spaces and a lounge. Some of
participating artists will be present throughout the two weeks, some
only be on site for limited periods. Others still will contribute their
work to the laboratory's 'archive' - making it available for further
development by other participants. Intermediate stages, preliminary
and final versions will be presented on separate surfaces using
beamers, projectors, and large format printouts.

The basic idea behind this project - the largest of its kind to date in
Rhine-Main region - is to give creative thinkers from different fields
(painting, graffiti, music, sound, film, theater, graphic design,
programming, design, architecture, print media, hard and software
development) the chance to cooperate outside their usual working
'from 0-1/and back again' reflects the network-based approaches and 
organizational structures currently establishing themselves in the 
business world in an artistic context. This means involving sponsors
in sustained dialog, a process with particular constructive potential
artists on the one hand and developers and manufacturers of digital
on the other.
The presence of the artists throughout the two weeks ensures that
 too are integrated into the communication process. 
Despite its temporary residence in the Schirn gallery space, 'from
backagain' is not an exhibition in the conventional sense. The project
as a
whole started with the original idea and its development. The opening on
July 27th is not the beginning. And it won't end on August 8th. After
two week event in Frankfurt, the project will continue to operate with
flexible organizational structures, always open for new ideas and
participants, at old and new locations, working on a linear, parallel or
branched basis. 'from 0-1/and back again' can therefore be compared to a
project label, concerned primarily with developing content identity and
less if at all with establishing a logo or corporate identity.

                 from 0-1/and back again
                 July 23rd - August 8th 1999
                 Kunsthalle Schirn Frankfurt
                 Every day from 12 noon to midnight
                 Entrance charge 5 marks / For music events please
                 Website: or:

                 For further information please contact:
                 Thomas Lauterberg
                 Stephan Ott
                 Tel: +49 (0) 69 78803437

>>>>>>>    Antje Weitzel               <<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>    Schivelbeinerstr. 27   <<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>    10439 Berlin              <<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>    fon/fax 44731152     <<<<<<<<
>>>>>>>         <<<<<<<<

   .................................................................... 08

X-Sender: (Unverified)
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 1999 18:42:00 +0200

   Le Monde diplomatique

                       July, 1999


Peace for Algeria *


     It would be easy for one peace to hide another. Satisfaction at
     seeing an end to the hostilities in Kosovo should not allow what
     has just happened in Algeria to pass unnoticed: it is the start of
     a peace process that may eventually end the country's civil war.


                                                  Translated by Ed Emery


Food industry's mad scientists


     We are now plagued by an unexpected fear: our daily food. From mad
     cow disease to dioxin in chicken, from hormone contaminated beef,
     transgenic soya, animals reared on bonemeal to contaminated mineral
     water and Coca Cola, the list of adulterated foodstuffs grows
     longer. There is a common thread to all these aberrations: the
     pursuit of maximum profits by the food industry giants is
     transforming farming and leaving little room for the farmer. Having
     accommodated the big seed producers by agreeing to the introduction
     of transgenic maize, the French government seems now to have
     regained its senses and is calling for a moratorium on the
     licensing of further GMOs in Europe.

                                         Translated by Malcolm Greenwood


Making merchandise of biodiversity


     A natural and cultural heritage shaped by millions of years of
     biological evolution and thousands of years of agricultural
     practice is now being exposed to private appropriation a form of
     management hostile to the biosphere. Freedom for trade and
     industry, in other words the extension of the realm of merchandise,
     is radically opposed to the requirements of sustainable

                                         Translated by Malcolm Greenwood


The protectorate, a way to dominate *


     Just as they did in Bosnia after the Dayton Agreements, the Western
     powers are getting ready to place Kosovo under their guardianship,
     with the declared aim of restoring peace and democracy. Yet the
     protectorate, a modern form of colonialism, risks putting a seal of
     approval on the ethnic partitioning of the province.


                                        Translated by Derry Cook-Radmore


Globalising designs of the WTO *


     The Atlantic Alliance's intervention in Kosovo is a spectacular
     example of the erosion of state sovereignty, helped along by
     globalisation and the "right to interfere". This evolution is
     spreading to a growing number of spheres first and foremost the
     economy. However, the principle of sovereignty is not breaking down
     with any degree of uniformity: the social and environmental spheres
     remain relatively unaffected, while a higher economic order is
     emerging only too clearly founded on the primacy of the markets and
     guarded by irresponsible and complicit international organisations,
     led by the World Trade Organisation.


Dream of a global legal order


                                            Translated by Barbara Wilson


Creation myth of the "geo-architect"


     Books celebrating the current economic system and the growing power
     of the markets are on the increase. Rarely however have their
     authors shown as much zeal as Thomas Friedman, one of the New York
     Times' star writers. Apart from its impact, his book expresses in
     an almost emblematic way the thinking of the American ruling
     classes. As well as that of economic and political leaders
     elsewhere who dream of imitating the US.

                                                Original text in English


Iraq's silent agony

by our special correspondent ALAIN GRESH

     As the United Nations Security Council resumes its debate on Iraq,
     it remains divided. Three proposals are up for discussion, tabled
     by Britain (with the backing of the United States), China and
     Russia, plus a "working document" submitted by France. The British
     position sets new requirements for any eventual lifting of
     sanctions, which are even more draconian than those formulated in
     previous UN decisions. Baghdad has already made it clear that the
     British text is unacceptable. Its adoption would only prolong the
     political stalemate and the silent agony of Iraq and its people.

                                                  Translated by Ed Emery


Laos harnesses power of the Mekong

by our special correspondent PHILIPPE PATAUD-CELERIEZ

     Laos is in a period of development with ambitious projects
     including four new dams and hydro-electricity. It is also in urgent
     need of foreign currency. The rural population meantime is simply
     intent on survival.

                                              Translated by Julie Stoker


Judgement at Luxembourg


     The authors of the Treaty of Rome saw the Court of Justice of the
     European Communities (CJEC) as a key instrument in the process of
     European integration. It has succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.
     Sixty per cent of national legislation is now of European origin,
     and the court's decisions are inexorably reinforcing the precedence
     of Community law over national law. Yet far from challenging its
     authority, member states' governments are continuing to strengthen
     it. It is proving particularly effective as a tool for building an
     essentially liberal economic order in Europe, but its rulings raise
     the issue of the legitimacy and scope of European law.

                                              Translated by Barry Smerin


United Nations fails in Angola


     In the early 1990s it seemed that an end was in sight to one of the
     cold war's symbolic confrontations, the 15 year-old conflict
     between the Luanda government and Unita. By giving priority to the
     political rather than the military aspects of the 1994 Lusaka
     Protocol, however, the UN played into the hands of the armed
     opposition and failed miserably to achieve its aims. As the
     fighting resumes, the exhausted country is preparing to face
     shortages and famine.

                                              Translated by Barry Smerin


Cameroon's killer crisis


     The stagnation overwhelming the economies of Africa is a killer.
     This is not only because it is making access to clean water, decent
     food and modern and traditional care increasingly difficult, but
     also because it is insidiously breaking down the bonds that hold
     society together and the traditional systems that regulate society.
     It is a breakdown that no public authority is able to bring under
     control. In Cameroon beatings are the symbol of a people's justice
     that is all the more brutal as it cannot reach the authors of the
     people's misery.

                                        Translated by Derry Cook-Radmore


First victims of biological warfare


     The United States and Britain continue to bomb Iraq on the grounds
     that Saddam Hussein has a hidden programme of chemical and
     biological arms. One of the declared objectives of Washington's
     foreign policy is to combat the proliferation of weapons of mass
     destruction. Recently declassified archives now reveal, however,
     that the US was the first country to incorporate biological warfare
     into its military doctrine. And there are indications that it was
     used, at least on an experimental basis, during the Korean war.

                                                Original text in English


Too high the moon *


     As film director George Lucas releases the latest in his Star Wars
     series, the US Congress has followed the Senate in voting through a
     bill to relaunch the idea of an anti-missile defence. At the start
     of the 1980s President Reagan's Strategic Defence Initiative,
     nicknamed Star Wars, aimed to protect the US from space from attack
     by Soviet missiles. This hugely expensive project was, in fact,
     conceived by writers of science fiction, always attentive to
     scientific innovation and keen to find a way to fund the conquest
     of space.


                                                Original text in English


Privatising social democracy


     The manifesto setting out a third way for the new centre in Europe,
     launched by Tony Blair and Gerhard Schrsder in London on 8 June is
     a significant political move with a clear electoral agenda. General
     disenchantment with previous political models has created a rich
     source of votes that the two Social Democrat leaders aim to seize
     with a minimal risk of losses. They see capitalism and the market
     economy, as well as business enterprise and wealth creation, as the
     only credible prospect for the 21st century. There is, to their
     minds, nothing to fear from a communist or socialist alternative,
     which has no place in modern society.

                                            Translated by Barbara Wilson

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Date: Fri, 16 Jul 1999 09:11:34 +0000
From: Sean Cubitt <>
Subject: Screen issue on special effects cinema

Announcing Screen vol 40 n 2 Summer 1999
Special issue: FX, CGI and the question of spectacle

issue editors: John Caughie, Sean Cubitt

Sean Cubitt: Introduction: Le reel c'est l'impossible: the sublime time of
special effects
Yvonne Spielmann: Expanding Film into Digital media
Alison McMahan: The Effect of Multifortm Narrative on Subjectivity
Warren Buckland: Between Science fact and science fiction: Spielberg's
digital dinosaurs, possible worlds and the new aesthetic realism

plus reports, debates and reviews


>From the introduction:

The beautiful is ephemeral, but the sublime points towards eternity. Beauty
alludes to loss -- ecological fragility, the Being-towards-death, the
manque-à-être. The sublime, however, from the early films of Méliès and
Phalke points towards a time beyond the mundane, a post-mortem time, or a
time of the gods. The different temporality which the special effect
occupies vis-à-vis the time of narrative indicates its extra-historical,
extra-temporal status. Spectacle, abandoning duration along with any sense
of loss, ephemerality or beauty, in their place establishes the punctual
and fulfilled moment outside time, so cutting the Gordian knot of
representation. The time of the miraculous, sublime time, is always outside
causality: it cannot be expected or intended, and so cannot share the
commonality of either experiential time or historical time. But if,
according to the Heideggerian thesis, the key time excluded from
commonality is the moment of one's own death, we can perhaps suggest that
the time of sublimity, as constructed in mediation, functions as its
internal negation, the pre-figuring of a zero degree of communication: a
mimesis of death as the end of communication. By constructing its own end
as mediation, mediation establishes its own position as object of anxiety
and desire, the still point at which the communicative departs from
commonality to become object.

Sean Cubitt
Screen Studies Online
Digital Aesthetics (Sage, London and New York, 1998)

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