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<nettime> (Cyber)activists alert: Help stop oil development in Arctic Sea

CYBERACTIVISTS ALERT – and call for assistance!

                    Launch of Arctic Action site 

    WE NEED YOUR HELP to stop new oil exploration in the Arctic!

At this moment, the Greenpeace ice class ship MV Arctic Sunrise is touring
the Arctic ice edge between Siberia and Alaska. Aim of the expedition is
to investigate the effect of climate change on the ice and on marine
mammals, such as walrus and sea lion populations.

The Ice Edge Tour is part of our campaign to stop new oil exploration in
the Arctic – the last frontier but at the same time one of the last
'crumbs on the global plate'!

Oil companies such as BP Amoco, ARCO and others want to open up the Arctic
Ocean to oil development. New oil exploration projects will contribute to
further global warming and resulting climate change effects. These effects
are already visible today, and are acknowledged by leading scientists as
likely dangers to life on Earth as we know it.

On top of that, there is the risk of contamination of the delicate Arctic
environment through oil spills -- like the notorious Exxon Valdez disaster
in Alaska 10 years ago, the social and environmental impacts of which are
still felt in the region today.

FOLLOW THE JOURNEY TO THE ARCTIC ICE PACK Eight scientists, a full crew
and two Greenpeace campaigners are taking part in this journey to the
disintegrating Arctic ice pack. You can follow the movements of the ship
and findings of the scientists in daily 'Webcasts' on:

The site features daily updates in pictures and animations as well as
RealAudio interviews with crew, campaigners and scientists on board.  You
can also take a virtual tour of the ship! This includes a panorama view
that allows you to turn 360 degrees when you drag the picture with the


BP Amoco is already building Seal Island, an artificial gravel drilling
island in the Beaufort Sea north of Alaska. The corporation plans to
construct a subsea pipeline to bring this oil to land. If the Northstar
project is allowed to proceed, it will pave the way for a string of oil
wells to be drilled across the Beaufort Sea, which has until now been out
of the industry's reach.

So we ask you to please...
...promote the Arctic Action campaign and our call for assistance by 
linking your website to ours
...write letters to the heads of BP Amoco and other oil companies
...forward this message to friends and like-minded people who may 
be interested in helping by sending letters
...draw attention to the Arctic Action site on your newsgroup or any 
magazines that you write for
...share your ideas on this campaign with us and give feedback on 
what we might add to the site 
...sign up to the Arctic Activists list and receive regular updates 
on this campaign
...let us know what else we can do to involve as many people as 
possible to stop this!

YOUR HELP IS MUCH APPRECIATED! BP Amoco is moving forward rapidly with the
Northstar project and has already announced plans for the Liberty project,
a second offshore project in the Beaufort Sea. Urgent action is required
to stop these projects before pipeline construction and drilling begins.
By sending letters to the head of BP Amoco, Sir John Browne, you can add
your voice to that of many others.

SANE BP - Also check out the SANE BP website – - a site by
and for shareholders of BP who work for an end to new oil exploration by
the company and a redirection of investment into renewable energy sources.

Currently posted on this site is the letter from six courageous
'whistleblowers', employees of the Alyeska company (in which BP has a
controlling interest) to members of the US Congress. They point out
serious negligence in the maintenance of the Trans Alaska Pipeline system
as well as intimidation of critical staff members. “We feel that it is not
a matter of ‘if’ a disaster will occur – it is a matter of ‘when’ it will


Josselien Janssens
Greenpeace International
Climate and Arctic Campaign

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