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<nettime> progress in public access TV in France

There is progress toward public access TV in France.

9 pirates TV symbolically took over the bastille by broacasting illegaly
on this 14Th of jully. They broacasted all afternoon in different
neighboorhood in Paris, Montpelier, Tours, Besanšon, and the day ended by
a wall of TV as close as possible to the ministry of culture and
communication. One of the cabinet member took one tv to bring it to the
minister Catherine Trauman (+the ammendments proposal for the up coming
audio-visual law), appointments were taken for september. Officials and
technicians from the CSA (the frequencies regulating instance) checked out
has much as they could (not much) during the day, but no repressive
actions were taken.  There is an excellent follow up in national press, tv
and radio.

This action was lead by the "coordination des medias libres", in existance
since may, regrouping many non-commercial press, radio, tv and web
associations in France... The next action will take place in octobre.


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