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Kevin Magee: Re: a notice on my work (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 09 Mar 1999 22:46:29 -0400
From: Kevin Magee <>
Subject: Re: a notice on my work

S U N F L O W E R   S U T R A

Reactivation by media any longer real our eyes about the turbulent swiftly
being and lifting heavy the head to the body's thick effaces all the more
the Reassurance is assured, each other have been among them no apparent
outcome, have not been spared, have not shaked off, their impasse rapidity
supplying virtually solved and seized on these powerless passivity water
and air, disappearance, impoverishment, suffocation, abandonment in the
area of a human who lost its head, its head no longer on its body whose
complexity overwhelms it? To think this on the basis of only "le petit
cote evenementiel" and never what is in its amplitude all we are.  News is
difficult to separate from its method:  communication dissolved in a
solitude synonymous with a philosopher's "last will" under the aegis of
new assemblages connecting "you," "us," "me".  The tele-communicator
screens, screened, screening awareness, cut off from the other, stripped
of any skin for interaction between a hyper-hypnotic medium and its users'
audiovisual and telematic private/collective equation ("if 1 + 1 = =
1){e8z = true;};") more to take hold and apply to appropriated political
spaces tending to impact, tending to pronounce, an impact-vision these
factors tend, depend on power relations, axes of power determining Rio
breaks out in headlines behind the lines the break-in, street
hustler-hacker Julius Thurman tried to burglarize a pawn shop one cop
repeatedly a flashlight a skull fracture a blow to the back of the head. 
There has been a break in subjectivity between rich and poor proud defiant
Third World mention more and more to turn the hand, the large hand, manual
motion, repetitive immense planetary geopolitical ecological objectives of
especial, 16 de abril de 1967), a new international indefinitely
unfortunately undoubtedly so-called myth of their path, along this path
the photographs of Che in Bolivia by Haydee Tamara Bunke born in Argentina
of German and Russian-German parents that eroticize the body of the
revolutionary ("Jean Franco believes than women can carry the spirit of
Che Guevara," (February 5, 1999, Hermeneutic and Mythic Vistas). 
Washington scared of his bones for thirty years.  How reconnect how join
how disagree respecting singularity of position, provocation, rousing
opinion brandishing a power of fascination.  "A riot is a demonstration
without leadership," (Lenin on the Strike as Tool).  How come it never got
picked up by the Frankfurt School.  Premonitions of catastrophe unleash
the desire for it [is Felix remembering Willy Reich here?], a drive to
abolish and immolate in the grip of a fantasy of the end of the world. 
Post-media mentalities without no change in mentalities postulate founding
an ecosophic "ecosophy" that don't got any more hegemonic ideology than
Lady Di's campaign against land mines. "[A]s were the major religions or

 This hits Bataille like a nail on the head, who said Marx was Doctrine's
last Dad, but what the hell does hegemonic mean?  Slavoj Zizek  "After the fall of Socialism [might this be
emended to 'after the disintegration of the Stalinist obstacle'?] . . .
the fool is a multiculturalist 'radical' social criticist who, by means of
his ludic procedures destined to 'subvert' the existing order, actually
serves as its supplement."  Africa, Latin America, and Asia be able of
people in the name of a nation of neither the State in the banner of
bureaucratic socialism nor world market neo-liberal ideologies for powers
a politics the desires of peoples lead to chaos, crisis, democratic chaos
the best chaos, better plunge, what we do each night when we abandon
ourselves to bed.  He dreams of Me the revelation of new outlines
structuring "attractors," international econo-aesthetic support formations
that affirm their modes must come what may.  Revolutionists move on a
dialectical dime to bring about the best of worlds, social and urban
confrontations synonymous with Great Art, Science and Technology. 
Computing provides for a virtuality outside constraining bio-genetic
energy, surrounding exterior armor, Amor of the Absent Arms imagined
beyond the sweatshop motion of her wrists and fingers, womanonfire jump starting genealogies' continually entangled
alterity, machinic efflorescence/excresence exploring sexuality, i.e.
"human life."  Zizek Zeit here, "the form of sexuality generated by the
present conditions of global capitalism . . . the mode of subjectivity
characeterized by multiple shifting identifications"; is womanonfire a
fantasmatic slot machine yoked up with the FAMILY PROPERTY RELIGION ORDER
retrovirus?  Pat Buchananism, micro-fascism, petit-bourgeois Stalinism,
insititutional racism, fundamentalism, militarism, and oppression of women
[Baby Love, get Inessa's RABONITSA ("Working Woman," first issue February
23 (March 8), 1914, St. Petersburg) up on the web in crisscrossing Russian
and English like that Communist Manifesto in Croatian, not to mention the
complete Lenin-Armand correspondence still buried in Moscow in the
Marx-Engels Archive].  Crossing "progressive thresholds" altogether
illusory, leave it up to imperatives for the defense of the joy of living,
solidarity, and compassion for others, Inessa's aborted FREEDOM OF LOVE
projected and propelled on an immanence endlessly enunciative, to refer to
events occurring in polyphonic interlacings opening an era already
"collective," individual territories embodied in speech, writing, and
machinery transmitted through multiple mediations.  There is a music
remaining to be proposed to rethink to continue to oppose the machine to
ontological being.  A few weeks before he kicked the bucket Felix
fraternally asked, Have intelligence and sensibility undergone a total
mutation as a result of new computer technology?  Fred and Karl, Vol. 28
of the Complete Works:  "historically produced, the needs produced by
production itself, the social needs which are themselves the OFFSPRING of
SOCIAL . . . INTERCOURSE--the more these needs are posited as necessary,
the higher the development of real wealth." (p.451).  For these two
exemplary comrades and collaborators, the Tristan and Isolde of the
Enlightenment horizon, wealth is nothing less than the enjoyment of a
multiplicity of needs.  Again, Slavoj Zizek fluttering above a feuilleton
in the Sueddeutscher Zeitung, "why today's capitalism has to resort to
even more absurd strategies to sustain the economy of scarcity."  The
mutation of subjectivity surpassing the invention of writing, or the
printing press, did not go unanticipated.  "This is generally the case
(see Babbage) with power [energy] transmission:  where previously power
[energy] [was conveyed] in material form from one point to another by many
workers, the former stokers, the transmission of that power [energy] from
one room to another [energy] from one room to another . . . a printing
press:  the first a printing press operated manually and the second a
SELF-ACTING printing press. . . ." (Fred and Karl, pp. 307-10, Vol. 28
open today on my worktable alongside Lenin, Vol. 35).  Let's overlap and
undertake a marriage of multiple off-shoots, an international association
of machinists, to forge new ties with the world of cancer research and
Cuban medicine, to delineate again and again the first real existential
shift-change in decades, to install as the center of a new left-right
polarity in place of Zizek's "pseudo-left" all the other sectors that fall
by the wayside, to produce a livable-lively social city equally feeding,
clothing, transporting and educating on the eve of material well-being for
the next ten billion human beings every bit as physical and mental as
changing a diaper, or testing the temperature of my baby's bath.  Here is
a new landscape of sunflowers, assemblages, from a farmer and a fisherman,
his countryside enlargement of the wage-earning class.  Dear Felix, I call
this the New Proletarians in my MACHINE.  Redefinition of labor? 
Recomposition of labor?  Lyotard lied to you, glued to the tube.  The
union militants in this country page an activist left-right,
socialist-capitalist reference system's information energy supporting a
massive pole of adhesion for speeches, debate, discussion, expression, in
a word, political-poetical reality is multiple, and marked by promethean
undertakings.  Social, theoretical, and aesthetic cartographies of history
in the name of disequilibrium, the Seal's Wide Spindrift Gaze.  For me a
consensual finitude, the self to pass into its other, remaking our
suffering.  My imperatives appeal to this uncertainty, an authentic
hearing of the other toward her to harbor a hearing of mortality, even
madness, haunt my hearing, overturn, restore stripping to these
deployings, my flows from the shaft of meaning that cut through my
impatience.  For the other to bend other to my increase, my delve, topple
me out of my narcissism, my blindness, my Whitman, my day. 

Kevin Magee is the author of Recent Events (San Francisco, 1995) 
available at

With thanks to the internet philosopher, Alan Sondheim, whose writings
helped move me in the direction of the web.

I have been a hand writer, or maker of manuscripts, for the past ten
years, a large body of which has been collected 
in two volumes may be read at