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The Weekender 094b

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Date: Sat, 3 Jul 1999 14:25:06 +0200 (MET DST)
From: The Weekender <>
To: The Weekender <>
Subject: The Weekender 094b

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01 . buerofriedrich           . conference 'out of site'
02 .                          . MAAP99
03 . <infozone>               . 48. ESPOSIZIONE INTERNAZIONALE D'ARTE
04 . m&r                      . furtherfield...
05 . Gordana Novakovic        . Blgd & N.S. at the LUX
06 . Name.Space.Info          . News.Com: Playing domain name
07 . ALT-X                    . Mark Amerika's PHON:E:ME web project
08 . CRAC                     . CRAC in Context
09 . valery grancher          . immediat release
10 . cisler                   . Community Networking: Australia

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From: "[iso-8859-1] BroFriedrich" <>


invites you to the conference out of site
4 july 1999

program conference

3.00 - 6.00 p.m.
	waling boers
	(director BroFriedrich)
performance from the seventies ?
	emmett williams
	(artist, berlin)
dias from the eighties
	christoph blase
	(art critic, berlin)
interviews in the nineties
	seth siegelaub
	(ex-curator, amsterdam)
	liam gillick
	(artist, london)
>from the sixties/seventies and now, lecture by
	camiel van winkel
	(publicist, curator, rotterdam)

6.15 - 8.00 p.m.
	paul maenz (ex-galerist, berlin)
	seth siegelaub
	liam gillick
	stephan schmidt-wulffen
	(director, kunstverein hamburg)
	camiel van winkel
	(publicist, curator, rotterdam)
	barbara steiner
	(director, kunstverein wolfsburg)
	the public
	moderator: Waling Boers

entrance dm 10,-

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

the conference is part of the exhibition

out of site
fragments for a cross-
reference exhibition
1960 - 2000

exhibition 29 may - 4 july 1999

out of site is supported by dutch ministeries of foreign affaires and
culture and science, the british council and deutsches historisches museum
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

friedrichstrasse 103
d-10117 berlin
telephone +49 (0)30 20 16 51 15
fax +49 (0)30 20 16 51 14

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Date:  Tue, 29 Jun 1999 14:43:27 +0200
From: Geert Lovink <> (by way of fokky)
Subject:  ann! ...  MAAP99

3rd - 12th September 1999
Online festival all September

                          WHAT IS IT?:

                          The second MAAP Festival hits Brisbane and
                          the Asia Pacific region from 3 - 12 September
                          1999 and presents an Online festival for the
                          entire month of September. MAAP99 presents
                          an extraordinary collection of exhibitions and
                          events in Brisbane and also includes MAAP99
                          Online Festival delivering live netcasts, online
                          artworks and a genuine online festival

                          The aim of the Festival is to create a
                          presentation platform to promote excellence
                          and exchange of creative ideas. The dialogue
                          between professionals who create,
                          experiment, design, and build electronic forms
                          of art will focus on creativity and industry
                          development. MAAP will showcase a wide
                          range of unique art and technology projects.
                          MAAP provides a space for artists, multimedia
                          developers, screen practitioners, and sound
                          artists to exhibit and profile work created in
                          this domain. Artforms include new media
                          installation, graphics, web design, animation,
                          video, sound, photography, CD-ROM, and the

                          MAAP99 is the peak cultural event for the
                          Federal Government initiative, Online Australia
                          year and is partnered with the Queensland Art
                          Gallery's Third Contemporary Art Asia Pacific

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Date:  Wed, 30 Jun 1999 04:16:10 +0200
From: "<infozone>" <>



Quest'intervista, pubblicata nel catalogo generale
della 48 Esposizione edito da Electa, nasce dalle
domande rivolte al Curatore Harald Szeemann nel corso
di questi mesi, precedenti l'apertura della Biennale,
da Casali, Costantini, Frau, Lughi, Mamm, Santerini,
Soldaini, Tantucci, Vagheggi, in occasione di
interviste, dibattiti e discussioni.

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/_/_//_/_/ \___//__/\___/_//_/\__/

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Date:  Wed, 30 Jun 1999 13:26:08 +0200
From: m&r <>
Subject:  ann! ...  furtherfield...
Daring to see through the cracks in the vista...

FURTHERFIELD-a webzine that colludes with critical poets, artists,
troublemakers, sex maniacs & musicians to re-invent the worlds that
straddle earthly and digital zones.

Current features are...

TV PORTRAITS- from 'Fleshworld Under Construction'- site by Ruth Catlow
This site invites you to commission a protrait of yourself or a loved one
as a TV.
The person commissioning the TV portrait would experience the traditional
of having a portrait made; being observed, represented and having an
of their identity explored. The TV has been chosen for its ubiquity and
perceived powers of communication and entertainment. The Flesh TVs will
find their way into the homes
of anyone who might consider buying or repairing a TV. Over time, images
the commisioned portraits will take their place on the site's gallery.

The 'Feeler Twins' is an experimental sex site made by two web artists
exploring expressions and representations of their own sexuality,
the right to be intimate on the net. They are seeking out alternatives to
commodified sexuality and are inviting creative contributions from other
people in the form of writing, photos, drawings and video.

Concrete Myrth- Tonic for the Dysfunctional
Concrete MYrth's poetry is to be found in bottles and jars all over
The site

Also featuring

Marc Garrett - Insecurity


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From: Gordana Novakovic <>
Subject: Blgd & N.S. at the LUX
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 16:51:51 +0100

We are proud to announce & cordially invite you to:

The Lux Centre
2 - 4 Hoxton Square
London N1 6NU

Friday 2 July 7.00


A group of media artists in London have been meeting since March to voice
their concerns about the war. This programme and discussion reflect the
difficulties, contradictions and dilemmas they have faced during the last
ten years of violent history.The programme includes The Ghetto by B92, Sin
City Girls by NoAltGirls; Info Noise and Parallel Worlds by electronic
artist Gordana Novakovic; Good Evening and Absolutely Dead by Apsolutno
422008@Lite by Baza.

Tickets 6/5 members, 4/3 concessions from the Box Office on 020 7684

   ................................................................... 06

Date:  Thu, 1 Jul 1999 09:19:33 +0200
From: "Name.Space.Info" <>
Subject:  ann! ...  News.Com: Playing domain name hide-and-seek

Playing domain name hide-and-seek

Dan Goodin
6/30/1999 08:10 AM,4,84-38576,00.html?

The entry of a new player in the registration of the most popular forms of
Internet addresses is creating confusion about how to tell whether a given
domain name is still available, and if not, who owns it.

Back when Network Solutions was the only game in town, the task of
establishing domain ownership involved a simple trip to the company's
database, which showed the creation date, contacts, and other information
for every domain name ending in ".com," ".net," and ".org."

But now that has begun selling domains under a shared
registration system, NSI's Whois is no longer the authoritative place to
find out whether a domain name has been taken.

When inquiring about a domain name sold by, NSI's database
simply displays the message: "No match for [domain name]." The process
could become even more complicated within the next few months, when more
than three dozen additional domain registrars are scheduled to come

To provide information about all domain names, NSI in April established
NSI Registry, which contains a listing of every domain name registered in
the ".com," ".net," and ".org" space. The new database does not provide
contact information for a domain name, but it does list where the address
was registered so the user can get the information from that registrar's
Whois page.

The confusion has sparked a new round of complaints among NSI critics, who
say the Herndon, Virginia, company did not do enough to simplify the
or give the public prior notice about how the database would work after came on board.

"People are registering with and not getting updated into
NSI's Whois," said Paul Garrin, founder of Name.Space, which accused NSI
violating antitrust laws in a 1997 lawsuit that recently was dismissed.
"This is causing problems."

Specifically, Garrin said, his company and dozens of others use programs
that automatically connect to NSI's Whois to determine whether a domain
name is taken. The programs interpret a response that there is no match
a given domain name as meaning that the address is still available. With offering domain names, that frequently is not the case.

But NSI spokesman Brian O'Shaughnessy said the new Whois site was
in an April 2 press release. As more registrars come online in the coming
months, he said, "each of them will maintain their own registration

Copyright  1995-99 CNET, Inc. All rights reserved

           Cut out Network Solutions and you have

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Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 19:57:03 -0600 (MDT)
From: ALT-X <>
Subject: Mark Amerika's PHON:E:ME web project

(Please excuse us if you've received this message more than once.)

June 30, 1999



It's DJ electronica meets Fireside Theater meets Marcel Duchamp.
--Mark Amerika

Novelist, Web publisher, and net artist Mark Amerika, Founding Director of
the Alt-X Online Publishing Network, has created PHON:E:ME, a new Web
project, commissioned by the Walker Art Center's Gallery 9. PHON:E:ME asks
viewer-participants to expand traditional notions of authorship and
narrative and invites them to "re:mix" their own textual-auditory
experience over the Web. The project launches June 30 at

Amerika, using the m.o. "surf, sample, manipulate," remixes sounds and
texts to create an original composition that blurs the borders between
spoken, written, and sculpted artistic forms. Part oral narrative, part
experimental sound collage, and part written hypertext, PHON:E:ME also
addresses the new possibilities of both conceptual and performance art in
network culture.

The sound works associated with PHON:E:ME were developed with
sound artist Erik Belgum and composed with a specially programmed speech
synthesizer that uses the artist's own voice. This tailor-made synthesizer
was created by sampling the artist's voice as he speaks all of the
of the English language as well as mimics other electronica sounds, such
drum kits and bass lines. Additional sound and interface design were
developed by Anne Burdick, DJ Reset, Cam Merton, and Tom Bland.

Joe Tabbi, editor of Electronic Book Review, who contributes an essay
"Amerika, Ink" to the project, writes of Amerika's earlier, critically
acclaimed GRAMMATRON project: "What distinguishes Mark's project, its
to priority as a work of imagination, is that it stands as the first
substantial literary work created to exist on the Web."

According to Amerika, "With PHON:E:ME  the emphasis is on sound-writing,
with hypermediated text . . . and very little attention placed on imagery
per se," adding "I've always thought of writing as filtering, in the
mediumistic sense. Writer as techno-shaman: filtering the white noise
exploding in his skull and digitally editing it all into some on-the-fly

Amerika is the author of two novels, The Kafka Chronicles and Sexual
The Philadelphia Inquirer has said: "the real counterculture is not gone
and Mark Amerika is proof of that . . . his work is not so much a book as
it is a Dadaist demonstration, once again honoring the dictum that it's
artist's sacred duty to destroy what commerce has made common." His
GRAMMATRON project ( was developed while he was
Creative Writing Fellow and Lecturer on Network Publishing and Hypertext
Brown University. Released in June 1997, it is one of the most widely
accessed art sites on the World Wide Web. He is also the creator of
Hypertextual Consciousness, a breakthrough study in electronic writing and
publishing. Amerika frequently gives lectures, performances, and
demonstrations on Web publishing, hypertext fiction and theory, avant-pop
literature, and the future of narrative art in network culture.

PHON:E:ME was commissioned by the Walker Art Center's Gallery 9 with
additional support from the Australia Council for the Art's New Media
the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, and the Jerome Foundation.

The Walker Art Center is located one block off Highway I-94 at the corner
of Lyndale Avenue South and Vineland Place in Minneapolis. For public
information, call 612.375.7622; TDD: 375.7585. Gallery hours: Tuesday,
Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, 10 am-5 pm; Thursday, 10 am-8 pm; Sunday, 11
am-5 pm; closed Monday

   ................................................................... 08

From: CRAC <>

CRAC's new homepage, "CRAC in Context", is now
in the final version on the net.

You will find it at

CRAC (Creative Room for Art and Computing) is a digital media workshop
located in downtown Stockholm. It blends advanced digital technology with
artistic integrity, offering unique conditions for production,
experimentation, and development within the field of digital art. CRAC
also fosters reflection and discussion about ethics and aesthetics in
digital media.

The CRAC in Context homepage presents CRAC's activities in a broader
context, in English and Swedish.

There are interviews and texts about the artists at CRAC and their
projects under the "Projects" heading: Read, listen to, and see works by
Lucky People Center, Felix Gmelin, Maria Friberg, Swe.De, Association for
Temporary Art, and many more.

There are interviews and texts under the "Context" heading reflecting the
sphere of art and digital media to which CRAC belongs: Read texts by
Timothy Druckrey, Margot Lovejoy, Geert Lovink, Lars Ilshammar, and
others. Read interviews with Sandy Stone, John Brockman, Perry Hoberman,
Lee Bul, etc.

CRAC in Context also contains Net based "inserts" - independent works of
art in context  - by CRAC members:
Look for works by Palle Torsson, Alexander Vaindorf and Tore Nilsson

Participating writers include: Milou Allerholm, Cecilia Anderssson,
Charlotte Bydler, Magnus Brts, Steven Dixon, Timothy Druckrey, Bjrn
Fritz, Annika Hansson, Karin Hansson, Lars Ilshammar, Richard Julin,
Margot Lovejoy, Geert Lovink, Bo Madestrand, Hkan Nilsson, Hans Ulrich
Obrist, Anna Orrgen, Martin Petus, Ralph Schroeder, Neil Spiller, Gary
Svensson, Sven Westerlund and Niclas stlind.

Kind regards,

Jon Brunberg  - project manager
Annika Hansson - editor in chief
Simina Astilean - web design
Peter Hagdahl - publisher

PS. Take a look at the project archive under the heading "info" to see all
of the larger projects carried out at CRAC.

Creative Room for
Art & Computing

   ................................................................... 09

Date:  Fri, 2 Jul 1999 12:32:06 +0200
From: valery grancher <>
Subject:  ann! ...  immediat release

United Art Space


Press Release

United Art Space is a new non-localized art space, acting from Internet.
offers not only to broadcast artist works on Web,
on cdRom, but also to product with them some works as specificity of this
virtual space are. U.A.S. wishes to take in
consideration technical and technological data, and multiple exchanges
situations, as well as the multimedia games universe, in
order to be a data base for the artists whose thought concerns media,
information spreading and Net system.

The founders of U.A.S., Jean-Marc Avrilla and Valery Grancher, wish to
develop this reflection through productions and
publishing of works. This thought try to show that it is not only
to present the works of the artists, but also that
personalities from different horizons must be brought to collaborate
together. This collaboration fits with the principle of
working on Internet, in the essence.

This project is only possible in elaborating, with artists, multimedia
designers - in a large meaning - and programmers, a
platform for reflection and production. The specificity of U.A.S. pages is
its double identity : place of research and space of
broadcast. So U.A.S. defines three objectives : first, the production of
specific works, allowing to bring together the world of
contemporary art to the world of multimedia ; Second, in the broadcast of
these works, in participating of art fairs or events,
permitting to open to a largest public ; Third, a management service of
works, from their production to their preservation,
for public or private collections.

But U.A.S is also a place for debate :  on line  seminars will be
regularly proposed with themes connected to the program
and the fundamental reflection on the medium. A magazine will propose
interviews with artists, theoretical articles or fictions.
Finally, the site pages of the artists shown will be accessible from
by a link, presented in U.A.S. pages by a temporary
providing, in order to study or interrogate works, datas proposed for each

CASABO-Univers Hommes sponsors United Art Space.

U.A.S. will be present at the next edition of the CASABO fair on July 3rd,
4th and 5th 1999.

the artists of the first exhibitions are : Jack Pierson (USA) and Radio
Mentale (France)
Jack Pierson

Jack Pierson photographs the world around him : the most often the
non-conformist american universe, holiday world,
"farniente", where the male body take an essential place. He photographs
through hot color clichs - snapshot of personal
souvenirs - through sculptures of words that erect the feelings like
buildings, or through movies where the subject is draw in real

The set of his work is in keeping with an intimist concern like the most
known American artist NanGoldin, David Armstrong or
Mark Morrisroe. He have developed for a lot of years fashion photographs
published in magazine like Harpers Bazaar, Purple

Jack Pierson, born in 1960, lives and works in New York. His most
exhibitions are :

-Richard Kuhlenschmidt Gallery, 1991, Los Angeles.

-Eward Hopper & jack Pierson : American Dreaming, 1994, Whitney Museum of
American Art, New York.

-Galerie Aurel Scheibler, Kln, 1995.

-Texas Gallery, Houston, 1995.

-Galleri Index, Stockholm, 1995.

-Galerie Phlippe Rizzo, Paris, 1995.

-Regen Projects, Los Angeles, 1995.

-capcMuse d'art contemporain, Bordeaux, 1997.
Radio Mentale

Radio Mentale was created by two personalities of the techno music world :
JeanYves Leloup and Eric Pajot. The origin of the
duet is a broadcasting for creation they realized between 1992 and 1995 on
Radio FG (Paris) and Couleur 3 (Suisse), and then
in 1997 on Shibuya FM (Tokyo). The members of Radio Mentale have played
then n a lot of clubs and raves and also realized
a series of pieces and sound installation at the occasion of artistic
events and contemporary art exhibition.

Jean-Yves Leloup, born in 1968, lives and works in Paris. Editor in Radio
FG, he is also a music critic and journalist
(electronic music, art and new technologies), among others news for Crash
magazine. Founder of Bureau des vidos (video
publisher), he organized a lot of video events. He is the author of a book
"Global Tekno", that will published in September
1999, Editions Flammarion.

Eric Pajot, born in 1965, lives and works in Paris. Graphic and
computer-graphic designer, Dj, he leads the label QOR
Recordings. He was more particularly involved in the techno department of
the Nirvanet website and in the artistic program of
the Cyber Theater in Brussels.

The work "Surf Music III" is the third part of the set whose the two first
chapters was presented at the Documenta X in Kassel.
This 60 mn work is conceived like a musical piece that will be diffused in
surfing on web. This sound collage is based on
Science-Fiction, computer virus, bugs, in short, with all the elements
could give human aspect to the machines spreading
this music.

Their most important exhibition are :

-FEMIS, performance for the re-opening of the Fondation Europenne des
Mtiers de l'Image et du Son, Paris, 1995.

-What'Up Bar, "Dolores", Paris 1998-1999.

-Documenta X, "Surf Music" (An ideal track for net and windsurfing),
Kassel, 1997.

-Global Tekno 2, "Tech Low", Passage de Retz, Paris, 1997.

-Global Tekno 2, Galerie du capcMuse, 1996.

-"X,Y", Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, 1995.

-"The Show must go on", Fondation Cartier, 1995.

United Art Space:


   ................................................................... 10

Date: Fri, 02 Jul 1999 04:51:15 -0800
Subject: Community Networking: Australia
From: "cisler" <>

Ken Young
Community Information Victoria Inc.
4/136 Exhibition Street
Melbourne  Vic.  3000
Tel: +61 3 9650 5322
Fax: +61 3 9650 5817

sends this notice:

Community Networking 99: Engaging Regionalism
Community Information Victoria
and the Australian Community Networking Alliance
invite you to Engaging Regionalism: Australia's premier
community networking conference
29 September - 1 October, 1999, Ballarat, Australia
See the Conference web site for details:
or email