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Digest: Mihajlo Acimovic (times 4)

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Date: Fri, 2 Jul 1999 17:35:35 -0400
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Subject: Digest: Mihajlo Acimovic

1.......About "Alliance for Change" & Democratic Party
2.......About Vuk Draskovic
3.......Re: Collective responsibility
4.......Re: Collective responsibility - Church hipocrisy

Date: Thu, 01 Jul 1999 10:51:21 +0200
From: Mihajlo Acimovic <>
Subject: About "Alliance for change" & Democratic Party

About "Alliance for Change" & Democratic Party

The "Alliance for change" in Serbia is made up of a few parties that were
parliamentary, until they boycotted the 1997 elections, two (i think) that
became parliamentary, because of the boycot and many others whith no
influence whatsoever, but strong sponsors, who are funding their stay on
the political scene. There are only two things that could gather this wide
an array of parties, going from "civic" to fascist-like's that promote "A
return to the cult of the family, to the serbian religion (meaning orthodox
christianity) and to the Monarchy". The first thing are their pro-western
attitudes and the fact that all of them pay most of their higher members
(employees) from unknown, but obviously lage financial sources in the
European Union and USA. The other is that they all Looooove money. They
would kill for money. They would be beaten by the police for money. In
short, they would do anything for money. I will start whith the biggest
party in the alliance - the Democratic Party, led by Zoran Djindjic. The
Democratic Party is actually owned by Djindjic, since all the people who
have tried to openly attack him whithin the party have been marginalised.
He brings huge amounts of money to the party, mainly from Germany and
Switzerland. The party has also prospered under him, since it has made
ruling coalitions in many municipalities whith Draskovic's "Serbian Renewal
Movement", The Civic Alliance, ruled by Vesna Pesic and, in some places
whith Democratic Party of Serbia, and the parties of the "Vojvodina
coalition", which has fallen apart since. This has allowed even lower party
members to steal or to be bribed in their municipal governments, leading to
economic prosperity of the party. naturally, those who didn't pay the
party's provision from each of such buisinesses were thrown out. This has
led to an increase of party propaganda, organising parties (as in fun),
featuring the most stupidising kind of music they could think of and
gaining youth votes in towns and villages, places where the Democratic
Party is traditionally weak. This might even make up for the tremendous
loss of votes in cities, mainly Belgrade, which will show at the next
elections. In some cities, however, the municipal governments have worked
fairly well and whith minimum corruption. Nis and Kikinda are such
examples. The mayor of Nis, Zoran Zivkovic has done everything he could to
help create an NGO scene in the city and has even succeeded in negotiating
the release of Antiwar Campaign activists who were arrested in Nis in 1998.
The Alliance for Change is expected to do well there. Their attitude
basically comes down to the point a high member of The Democratic Youth
Club (youth of the Democratic Party) from my municipality had made to me,
during a cofee and conversation in the Center for Free Elections and
Democracy: "Fuck those human rights activists! If I got to power I would
shoot them all! Serbia doesn't need human rights. It needs money!!! Money!
Money man!"

by Mihajlo Acimovic


Date: Thu, 01 Jul 1999 10:22:09 +0200
From: Mihajlo Acimovic <>
Subject: About Vuk Draskovic

As I have noticed that many people still believe there is a widespread
opposition movement in Serbia, I have decided to shed some light on
"oppositionaries and civic-oriented parties"

is still called, by CNN and the likes, the biggest opposition party leader
in Serbia. This has but one reason. He openly suggests that Serbia be
submitted to the mercy of "The West". He calls his party "Pro-Western" He
has not said one word against Milosevic's policy in Kosovo, until the
ethnic cleansing was over. instead, he joined the federal government, which
was greatly responsible for the war crimes and blamed all the violence on
KLA. He called his own party "patriotic" for doing so.
He has openly declared on his TV station - Studio B (property of Belgrade
assembly. His party controls Belgrade assembly whith support from
Milosevic's parties) that "The Serbian Renewal Movement IS NOT AN
OPPOSITION PARTY" the declaration came just after he was kicked out of the
federal government for "Making statements which are contradictory to the
governments' positions". He and Seselj are godfathers to each other. They
used to be in the same nazi party, before they split up. Draskovic was the
more "moderate" one. Unlike Seselj, who is a pro-russian nazi, Draskovic is
a pro-western fascist, meaning that he would reinstall the Chetniks as
national sybols, like the Ustashas were in Croatia. He would open the
country to "free trade and the free market", which I think explains his
economic intentions. The Draskovic clan (his wife is at least as
influential as he, both in bed and his party. some say that it's Danica's
party, not Vuk's) has done everything to imitate the Milosevic clan, both
in ethnic politics, in sacking journalists from their controlled media for
disobedience, making the Studio B look like Radio-Television of Serbia and
in stealing every penny they could from belgrade assembly. Their robbery of
Belgrade lead to strikes of to city's transport and trash disposal workers.
The city transport strike was broken by Draskovic's employees (renamed to
party members). They used intimidation and physical violence, mainly by
Draskovic's security and Milosevic's police, who fought together against
the strikers, but they failed. Then they sacked syndicate leaders, but they
failed. Then they used strikebreakers, but they failed. Then they brought
in private companies, which still dominate Belgrade's mass transit system.
That broke the strike. After a week, the public transportation workers went
back to work. the trash disposal workers strike was broken much more
easily, also whithout concessions, such as paying the law-guaranteed
sallaries for the past 6 months. Instead, the workers were payed almost
nothing. Many people have been evicted (by Draskovic's security, or by
unindentified men whith guns and/or clubs, from city-owned appartments in
which they had lived for decades, so that members of Draskovic's wider
family, and his buisiness partners could move in. The police didn't
respond. Why should they. Their Boss is in coalition whith Draskovic. he
doesn't lack ego either. he says that he is not a politiacian, but a
statesman and calls himself king of the streets. He calls on the people to
stay at home now, because "I alone know when the time will be ripe to take
to the streets and bring down Milosevic, and the time is not now" It is
also good to notice that, although he has stolen a lot, Draskovic doesn't
care much about money. He wants power a lot more. That is what separates
him from most of the other "opposition". In short, if Draskovic came to
power, it would be a pro-western Milosevic instead of Milosevic - just what
the US (or was it the TNC's?) want.

by Mihajlo Acimovic

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Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 11:39:37 +0200
From: Mihajlo Acimovic <>
Subject: Re: Collective responsibility


My grandfather was/is a member of OZNA. It is the Serbian version of CIA.
It has changed names frequently, so I don't know what it's called now. He
is a mental sadist. His father was a merchant, like his father before him.
My great gradfather traded in the old Kingdom of Yugoslavia, and supported
the goverment like a good citizen. Then the war came. He traded whith the
Germans. Then, the "liberation" came and he traded whith the Patisans. His
shops and warehouse were appropriated by the state, but he bribed his way
through and became an executive director of a factory. However, he was
spending too much money on whores at that time, so he was noticed, and they
discovered he had been stealing huge ammounts of money from the factory.
The factory was doing so well that they wouldn't have noticed otherwise. He
was imrisoned. He was old and his health deteriorated. he was released for
medical reasons and died shortly after that, in 1947, I think. My
grandfather was a teenager during WW2, and he went to highschool, which
made him suspicious, although he was the leader of a local gang of kids in
his hometown (now, city) of Cacak. He was arrested once by the Germans,
when they were picking people off the streets in some sort of reprisal (100
Serbs for 1 dead German). His father went to the German officer in charge
of the camp, where grandfather was brought, and he carried a bag. He came
out whithout the bag and my grandfather was released 2 minutes after. My
grandfather joined the partisans and the Communist Party of Yugoslavia in
1944, just after they had "liberated" everything a 100 kilometers around.
By 1947 he became the party commisary of a brigade. However, it seems he
disliked the job, because, when he was offered a promotion, he chose to be
demobilised instead. Do I need to point out that he hadn't seen a glimpse
of the fighting, while he was in the partisans? Anyway, grandfather went to
Belgrade University and he became an expert in artificial fertilisers. He
worked for a factory in Croatia mostly, but lived in Belgrade. All that
time he was a spy of OZNA (later known as DB and JB and who knows what
else). Actually, grandfather never admitted, but not everyone in the family
waas so tight-liped. He still enjoys frequent mental tortures of his family
members, whenever health allows him. He calls his wife a creten constantly
and says that every word she says is idiotic. He loved putting me into
humiliating situations when I was a kid. For exemple, he would take
photographs of me when I cried. He would alwaysa mock my tears. He also
liked going into debates. Whith him, arguments are null and all he cares
about is defeating the enemy in the discusion. If anyone goes into a
discussion whith him, hoping for an actual dialogue, that person is bound
to be infuriated by his answers. He also likes insulting whatecer he thinks
people value the most. He never does this to anyone, but family members.
Caution thaught him that. I opposed his behaviour constantly. Does that
make me less guilty for what he did? My aunt and her dughter didn't. The
two of them are having great difficulties in life, for adopting some of
grandfather's behavior. Are they guilty? His wife has suffered the most
from him. She has been under constant torment for over 40 years. Her eyes
show fear. Is she guilty? Milosevic has ruined the lives of 10 million
people. At least 2 million never did anything to openly opose him. Are they
guilty? Are we all guilty cause we didn't stop him? I have been so
insinuating as to the conclusions, that you may even draw them yourself.

Mihajlo Acimovic

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Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 10:21:06 +0200
From: Mihajlo Acimovic <>
Subject: Re: Collective responsibility - Church hipocrisy

The first paragraph is for syndicate subscribers only, the rest is for
everyone. Question for jungle-world: Is this good enough to get published?
Same question for Arkzin/Bastard.

I was trying to stay out of this collective responsibility debate, because
I think it is pointless. However, since nobody seems ready to speak my
mind, I'm gonna have to do it for me. If had been
observing even the media in Slovenia, he would have noticed that


The Serbian Orthodox Church had made a very loud denunciation of Milosevic
in 1996/7 around christmass, when it officialy declared that Milosevic
should resign immidiately. In January 1997, after the police cordons and
student protesters had been blocking each other for over a week in
Kolarceva street, in downtown Belgrade, the patriarch led a religious
procession through this street, before which the police cordons retreated.
This, however, does not justify the church's hipocrisy, as many of it's
priests have gone to Bosnia and Croatia, during those wars to hold
religious services for the troops. Also, Patriarch Pavle was not so eager
to oppose Milosevic during his climb to power. In those late 1980s, the
church was holding a far more nationalist position. In fact, vladika (a
position similar to archbishop) Artemije was one of the leaders of serbian
nationalism at the time. In those days, as now, the church was upholding an
extremely heavy pressure to force the government to introduce Religious
Science - meaning as a school subject at all levels of education, where
children would be thaught to live up to the church's hipocrisy. The
church's official viewpoint is that Religious Science would not be
mandatory, AT FIRST. This was often stated, even on television, by high
church representatives, (I think this includes Artemije, but can't
remember). The church has also been most persistent in it's attempts to
force the government to return the Bogoslovski (means God'S-letters or
God-Adressing) faculty, currently church-funded and controlled, back into
the wings of Belgrade university, from where it was banished during Tito's
government. The government has even been ready to accept this demand, but
the church has demanded to maintain control of the faculty, so this faculty
would be funded by the taxpayer's money, but the church would have absolute
control. This would be a total breach of the University codex, not that
anyone cares. The church has also declared that it supports the division of
church and state. I'll let you draw your own conclusions from this one. It
has also come to my attention that the church has not even suggested that a
resignation should be handed in by Radovan Karadzic, the ex-leader (is he
ex?) of the Republic of Srpska, the serbian entity in Bosnia. It hasn't
made any insinuations about the war-crimes done in, say, Banja Luka, the
second biggest city in Bosnia, now capital of the Repulic of Srpska, which
used to have a very high percentage of Muslim population. Did they say
anything about Srebrenica? What about Vukovar? The answers are, as always,
simple. In the Republic of Srpska and the Republic of Srpska Krajina (the
latter was the Serb-rebel country in Croatia, 1991-1995), the Serbian
Orthodox Church had already succeeded in getting the governments to
introduce Religious Science as a mandatory school subject in both
elementary and highschools. That's why Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic
are not criminals. They did introduce Religious Science. That's why Arkan
is not a criminal. He had priests preparing his army spiritually (and for
good money) for every campaign of looting and ethnic cleansing (amount of
bloodmoney donations to the church is not available to the author). The
Serbian Orthodox Church has often praised the governments of the Republic
of Srpska and of Republic of Srpska Krajina, for their longsighted policy
in the introdution of mandatory Religious Science for all students,
regardless of religious beliefs. Republic of Srpska is still a country of
the Serbian people, according to it's constitution, so any notion like
"regardless of ethnicity" would be pointless. Milosevic's government,
however, has not introduced Religious Science at all, so Milosevic is a
criminal, who should resign, in fact, "Milosevic is a bolshevik"
(Artemije). He prevents Serbian (who else could live in Serbia?) children
from getting a good christian education and thereby, prevents their
spiritual growth. This has been the reason for the downfall of the Serbian
people. As a vladika once said, "Children should be thaught christianity
from their first year, from the cradle".

Mihajlo Acimovic

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