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cisler: Community Technology Reivew

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Subject: Community Technology Reivew
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 1999 16:11:30 -0800
From: "cisler" <>
CC: nettime <>

CTCNet and the Association For Community Networking have put together a
special issue on policy and public access issues. 

Editors Peter Miller, Richard Civille and Dirk Koning are pleased to

"Communications Policy on the Front Lines -- Ideas for Change" 

Community Technology Review Special Combined Issue

A joint publication of the Community Technology Centers' Network (CTCNet),
the Association For Community Networking (AFCN), and the Alliance for
Community Media (ACM) with voices of activists and analysts from over
twenty states around the country and Canada.  This special web version of
the 56 page hard copy Community Technology Review contains over 400 active
links to external websites, email addresses, listserv subscriptions, and

In the Introduction, CTCNet Executive Director Holly Carter, AFCN
President Amy Borstrom, and ACM Executive Director Bunnie Riedel say:  "We
have more in common than not when it comes to our desire to shape national
telecommunications policies which ensure that low-income, inner city,
minority, and rural constituencies have not only a seat at the table, but
a voice that counts.  We also share a critical understanding of the
profound impact of public policy and offer this publication as a stepping
stone to joint action." 

In the Review Ann Wrixon, Leslie Harris, Aki Namioka, Tony Wilhelm, Audrie
Krause, Barry Forbes, and others highlight the potential power of
community organizations to influence municipal, state, and federal
legislatures and regulatory agencies and shape the outcome of new
corporate telephone and cable mergers and other key issues.  Anne
McFarland, Jamie McClelland, Phil Shapiro, and Sheva Nerad provide key
library- community perspectives.  Terry Grunwald, Cary Williams, and
Lauren-Glenn Davitian describe emerging state-level strategies, and Sue
Buske, Pierre Clark, Autumn Labbe-Renault, Kara Harris, and Fred Williams
provide pictures of local activities that bring this right down to the
neighborhood level. 

Arthur Harvey, Fred Johnson, Mary Lester, and Jon Darling provide special
perspectives on rural telecommunications issues and practices.  Wally
Siembab, Ken Pigg, Ron Burnett, Seongcheol Kim, and Lawrence Hecht
describe the rise of new public spheres of possibilities.  Steve Cisler,
Jessica Brown, Ryan Turner, and Carl Kucharski round our efforts by
helping provide a variety of relevant resources.  These contributions by
some three dozen writers paint a powerful impression of the current "state
of play" as several generations of public interest technology activists
converge. for the free online version. You
can also order a print version. 

Steve Cisler
4415 Tilbury Drive, San Jose, CA 95130
(408) 379 9076
"There are some places where the road keeps going."
-Bud Parker.