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<nettime> black screen chain

Thank you all for your response on the black screen chain - we are however
still able to process more participants. Take this challenge, crash our

If you want be part of the chain, got to and enter the url to
the page or pages your turning black + your e-mail adress. 

On Friday 30. April , in the morning, you will recieve an e-mail with a
list of participants. You have to turn your page black and link it with
the next url on that list. Your page should be black as long as it is May
1. somewhere on the planet. 

You can use a refresh ( the tag looks like this
 <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="15;url=CHANGE THIS TEXT WITH THE URL
AFTER YOU ON THE LIST"> - this tag is placed in the head of the page). You
can also use a hardlink - or both. 

Your page should be black but feel free to express your opinion in the
title of the page. 

To only thing binding this thing together is the protest against the war.
You dont have to subscribe to any ideology other than anti war on the
Balkans. Of course, the black screen chain is not an art-project owned by
anyone - even though artists are paticipating. Its a movement to make one
day of silence of respect to our fellows in the warzone - live, dead or

The black screen chain will not stop the war, what we can hope is to be
part of a bigger movement expressing our opinion in a thousand ways,
hopefully growing stronger, better connected and more experienced till
next time they want to start the killings. 

Note that you can participate in the black screen chain May 1. and still
have the time to visit multi-etnic gatherings in your neighbourhood,
participating in May 1. marches - or whatever you do on a day like this. 

Dont hesitate to contact me on any technical questions, I'll try the best
of my ability to help you out. 

mvh Atle

Participants for the black screen chain May 1. 1999 register here:

Web Projects :
ICQ # 10055540
Telephone: +47 91 76 41 81
Telefax: +47 73 59 79 20
Postal address: Atle Barcley, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, NTNU, N-7034
Trondheim, Norway

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