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<nettime> Anti-war bulletin Nr 2 (Nuclear power and war in Yugoslavia)

April 23, 1999

Russia must take an active part in peacekeeping around coflict zone

<Involvement of the country, where the most unsafe nuclear plany of Europe
located, into the war stimulate nuclear threat to Europe>, said Anti-war
committee in Moscow on Friday. On April 20, Bulgaria offered to NATO unlimited
access to its airspace, earlier this country offered NATO unlimited access to
own airfields. One of Bulgarian airfields, Gabrovnice, located in just 50 km
from Kozloduy nuclear plant which according to Bulgarian nuclear safety
officials present a danger for the plant. <Involvement of more european
countries into the war in Balkans will only make a conflict bigger and a threat
from unsafe Eastern European nuclear plants will seriously increase,> says
Vladimir Slivyak, coordinator for Anti-war committee in Moscow.

In Sofia on April 21 environmental groups demanded from Bulgarian government to
shut Kozloduy nuclear plant down. If Bulgaria participate in Balkan war it
means that nuclear plant will be in the zone of conflict, in order to prevent
possible catastrophe involving nuclear materials such as nuclear fuel and
waste. Presently, 3th reactor of Kozloduy under repair and is not protected
against any military threat, 5th reactor will be under repair too. Explosion
near any of reactors will likely cause a danger of nuclear disaster: every
reactor must be controlled by personal which could be killed as a result of any
explosion, every reactor needs electricity to be controlled and it's not too
hard to destroy power lines by one bomb or rocket, every reactor has storages
for nuclear waste near which will relatively easy be destroyed by even small
explosion. According to the information of Anti-war committee, all parties
presented in Bulgarian parliament, except for ruling one, are opposed to
Bulgarian involvement to war, According to Bulgarian media, the absolutely most
of Bulgarians would not like to be involved to the Balkan conflict.

<Politicians of every country must finally understand that war around nuclear
reactors is madness that  can not be justified>, says Vladimir Slivyak of
Anti-wat committee. <Environmental groups of Russia demand that both Russian
Foreign minister Ivanov and representative of president Chernomyrdin are  going
to Sofia immediately in order to solve <nuclear mistake> and so make sure that
role of Russia is work for peace in Balkans>.

Additional information:

Anti-war Committee of the Socio-Ecological Union - 2784642, 7766546 (Vladimir
Slivyak or Alisa Nikoulina), e-mail:

Anti-war comittee is a tactical NGO aimed to prevent Russia's possible
involvement into the war in Balkans. The main directions of its activitiy are
actions and information campaign. The regular analitical press-releases which
sheds light on economical/ecological/political consequences of such involvement
are part of the committee's work.

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