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<nettime> [crisisweb] Major New ICG Balkans Report

C R I S I S W E B    N E W S
Tuesday April 20, 1999

NATO's strategy in the war with Yugoslavia over Kosovo isn't working -
according to a major new ICG report entitled "War in the Balkans". The
report offers a candid assessment of the conflict and its impact on the
region thus far and argues that NATO must change course if it is to achieve
its stated objectives.

The only way to stop Milosevic now is for NATO to take Kosovo by force, the
report argues. To this end, the Alliance should begin preparations
immediately for a deployment of ground forces in Kosovo. The purpose of
such a deployment should be, initially, to establish security zones where
internally displaced Kosovars will be safe from Serbian attack and then to
assume control of the entire province, establishing an international

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