Slobodan Markovic on Wed, 21 Apr 1999 12:56:08 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> BBC = -(RTS)

    I was reading some BBC's news at their Web site this morning. 
    In fact, I have read all current articles about Kosovo crises.

    There were some points in those texts, which could be compared 
    only to Milosevic-controlled Serbian National TV's (RTS) evening 
    news reports.

    The example number one:

>The latest strikes came after Yugoslav and Albanian troops exchanged 
>fire at the border for several hours on Tuesday. An OSCE monitor said 
>the skirmish had been caused by Serb provocation. One Albanian soldier 
>was reported injured.

    There are NO OSCE monitors on Kosovo. They all went to Macedonia 
    few days before NATO strikes. Moreover, just next article about 
    crises spoke about massive Albanian forces trying to enter Kosovo 
    from Albania during the past week.

    The example number two:

>Jamie Shea said: "Serbs are holding 700 Kosovo-Albanian boys 
>prisoner, using them as "blood banks" for injured troops.

    I don't even want to make comments on this completely arbitrary, 
    but obviously very eye/ear-catchy, statement.


    I really don't see anything special about these reports, 
    regarding their objectivity. They are completely based on either 
    untrue or unconfirmed facts. It is obvious that their only aim 
    is to mobilise readers toward pro-NATO attitude.

    This BBC's reports are just as same as Serbian National TV's 
    reports about Kosovo crises, but with different prefix.

    If BBC was by some accident Serbian company, it would be just 
    like RTS, from NATO's point of view, very legitimate target...



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