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<nettime> Re: USIA Sets Its Sites on Yugoslavia

>USIA Sets Its Sites on Yugoslavia
>Web Used to Counter State-Run Media

    I wonder how one state-run agency (like USIA) can provide unbiased
    reports? I guess just as same as Yugoslav state-run agencies...


>If the editors of a clandestine newspaper in Yugoslavia want those NATO
>aerial photographs of suspected mass graves in Kosovo or the pictures
>of refugees trapped in a valley under fire from Yugoslav security forces

    This is what I'm talking about... I'm always open for all opinions
    (including possibility of mass murders committed by Yugoslav forces),
    but for every hard accusation (such as this one) one MUST provide
    DAMN HARD evidence.

    Even I can make satellite photo of "mass graves" using PhotoShop in
    less than 10 minutes. It's really simple: take one appropriate hi-res
    satellite photo, desaturate it (to become B/W), smudge a bit some
    rectangular area with a dark brush, stroke around that area using
    bright-yellow line and downsample the image...

    Here we got it: home-made-ready-to-publish-top-evidence! What a joke.

    This is reminding me on one recent Serbian TV's news report about
    refugees returning to their homes... On the screen we could see a
    bunch of cars heading somewhere, while in the background news host
    was reading the report. That news was maybe true, but nobody could
    figure out where are those cars heading, where they come from and
    when that scene was filmed...

>instant access to the voices of Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright,
>NATO Secretary General Javier Solana and other western officials explaining
>NATO's air campaign.

    This is even better offer - to listen Madeline Albright explaining in
    pure Serbian that "we are not in war against Serbian people", while
    running to shelter, in an attempt to escape "collateral damage" fate.



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