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<nettime> holocaust: what's in a word?

msg: <nettime> Re: Anti-war campaign bulletin #1 (by Holger Bruns)

> As far as I understand, the entire population of the Kosovo Albanians has
> been driven out by yugoslav military and paramilitary. Many people are
> murdered. The refugees had to give all their money and ID papers to the
> Yugoslav police. After they leaved their homes by force, their villages are
> set on fire. This reminds me to the holocaust. Slobodan Milosevic is nothing
> better than Adolf Hitler. He is a thread not only to yugoslav minorities,
> but also to Europe.

#### line 5: "This reminds me to the holocaust" - access denied.
#### line 6: "Adolf Hitler" is not a valid argument.
#### line 7: "Europe" is not defined.

> I have the hope, peace comes soon. I heard from a german peace plan and
> similar peace plans from other NATO allied governments. According to this
> peace plans the Kosovo Albanians can return back to Kosovo under NATO or UNO
> protection. A Marshall plan for Serbia and it's neighbors will restore the
> economy of the south-east european region. Free elections in Serbia must
> push back radical nationalist movements from the power. A long term plan
> will open the door for Serbia to become a new member of the European Union
> within the next two generations.

#### line 1: "I have the hope, peace comes soon." - division by zero.
#### line 5: "Free elections [...] must [...]" - syntax error.
#### line 7: "European Union" - spell check: did you mean "NATO"?

> The situation in eastern Europe marks the sad end of marxism and it's
> related ideologies. In the 20th century communist parties gained power as
> the self appointed leaders of the working class. We can remember the satanic
> world of Josef Stalin, the cold war and the iron curtain. In 1999 we see
> Slobodan Milosevic and his vicious army in action. These socialists fights
> against albanian workers and farmers with the brutality of ethnic cleansing.
> Yugoslav socialism became a deadly threat even to the entire working class.

#### line 1: "marxism" is a system procedure and can't be deleted.
#### line 3: "remember" - permission denied.
#### line 7: "Yugoslav socialism" has expired.

> During the last two decades I joined the peace movement, because I hate the
> war. Now I hope, NATO's action against Slobodan Milosevic will become a
> success. The times, they are a changing.

#### line 1: "I hate the war" - division by zero.
#### line 3: "The times, they are a changing" - unknown exception.

     (original source code included)
     045  The line it is drawn
     046  The curse it is cast
     047  The slow one now
     048  Will later be fast
     049  As the present now
     050  Will later be past
     051  The order is
     052  Rapidly fadin'.
     053  And the first one now
     054  Will later be last
     055  For the times they are a-changin'

In order to ensure the integrity of our operating systems,
a.s.ambulanzen recommends to take the following measures:

phase 1: immediate deactivation of all holocaust-related
terms for an unlimited period of time

phase 2: instantaneous electronic disturbance actions towards
any .de-server that still supports off-context distribution

phase 3: total foreign language embargo against germany
and complete re-erection of the berlin language barrier

language compliance section

p.s. [re: <nettime> some thoughts (by ted byfield)]

> [...] it's inevitable
> that, over time, this language would lose its force; through
> fetishization and exactitude, or through overuse and sloppiness, it
> doesn't matter, these words will lose old qualities and take on
> new ones. like anything else, this process will be uneven: the
> words will carry different meanings in new york, berlin, belgrade,
> warsaw, saint petersburg [...]

... or saarbruecken/germany, where, this year, and after continued
rhetorical warfare from german conservatives, the very exhibition
on the german army and genocide you are referring to, was bombed
by some neo-fascists, one day before its scheduled opening.

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