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<nettime> Global Knowledge 2000

<I wanted to alert nettime readers to this forthcoming conference. It may see
like a strange diversion from the war in Yugoslavia, but I have proposed to the
planners that they work into their program something related to the current
crisis and the role of information and communications technology in this
infowar (and real war). The 1997 conference was reported here:
-Steve Cisler>

Building Knowledge Societies: Access - Empowerment  - Governance

In today's increasingly interrelated world, knowledge is the foundation
for equitable and sustainable development.

As part of its ongoing efforts to help build this foundation, the Global
Knowledge Partnership (GKP) will be convening its second Global Knowledge
Conference (GKII), hosted by the Government of Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia, from March 7 -10, 2000.

The Conference, Building Knowledge Societies: Access - Empowerment -
Governance, will be the keystone of a year-long multifaceted process of
global dialogue and learning on these themes- including regional
workshops, electronic conferences, public/private partnership events and
other initiatives - that will begin in mid-1999 and extend several months
beyond the Malaysia event.

The first Global Knowledge conference, held in Toronto in June 1997,
explored ways in which the advent of new information and communications
technologies provide unique possibilities for individuals, communities and
nations. But these possibilities also pose special challenges for
developing countries and the world's poor. This second GK conference will
examine the opportunities to harness knowledge and information as tools
for development at local, national, regional and global levels.  It will
focus on:

* Access: assuring universal access to information and communications
technologies and to the knowledge that can be tapped using these
* Empowerment: identifying strategies and tools that can help empower
individuals and communities to improve their economic, social, cultural
and political lives;
* Governance: exploring ways in which new technologies can enable more
efficient, transparent, and participatory forms of governance -- locally,
regionally, nationally and globally.

The conference will pursue these themes across several tracks, each of
which will intersect at least two of the three themes of Access,
Empowerment, and Governance. The issues will be addressed from the
perspective of the public and private sectors and civil society. The
conference will explore the power of partnerships, and will also strike a
balance between theory and action, using case studies and concrete

The Conference will attract some 2000 participants from around the world,
representing industry and business, government, civil society,
non-governmental organizations, and international and development
organizations.  Participation is by invitation from member organizations
of the GKP or by self-nomination. The GKP is an evolving, informal
partnership of organizations -- public, private and not-for-profit --
committed to sharing information, experiences and resources to promote
broad access to, and effective use of, knowledge and information as tools
of sustainable, equitable development. The Partnership currently comprises
over 40 organizations including national governments, international
organizations, corporations and non-governmental organizations.

For further information, please contact the GKP Secretariat by phone at
202-458-8196 or by e-mail to <>

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