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<nettime> FWD: 75 Dead In Nato Raids In Kosovo

Fowarded news story


Latest News:
Source: AFP
Thursday April 15 4:13:15 AM

Seventy-five people were killed and 25 were injured in NATO air raids on
two refugee columns in western Kosovo on Wednesday.

In Kosovo, an AFP reporter at the scene in the village of Meha, some five
kilometres from the border with Albania, saw 20 dead and four injured in
one of the two bombings.

He was present while an investigating judge was counting the bodies.

Some of the victims, ethnic Albanians, were in a convoy of vehicles and
tractors, while six were apparently killed in a house, their bodies pulled
out from the ruins.

"NATO bombs caused a new humanitarian catastrophe and tragedy, bombing the
two convoys of refugees returning to their homes," Yugoslav foreign
ministry spokesman Nebojsa Vujovic said.

He added that the ethnic Albanian refugees, with "100 vehicles and
tractors" were returning from the region bordering Albania to their homes
inside Kosovo.

"Seventy-five were killed and 25 were seriously injured, and have been
hospitalised," Vujovic said.

"We consider this a crime against humanity. It is a continuation of the
aggression. NATO is breaking all international standards and laws," Vujovic


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