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Nato and the militarisation of the Euro. It's the same strategy as was
employed against the Soviets, to use armaments as a way of defining the
economy. There are now 19 members of Nato, nearly all of them current or
soon-to-be members of the European Union and they all need standardized
weapons systems and that's a lot of weapons procurement. The corollary of
the Multilateral Agreement on Investment is the free movement of people, but
the economics of government is to lose refugees, not win them and the EU is
about diminishing the responsibility of individual states for foreign
affairs and the economy. European foreign policy has been sold to Nato and
Nato is an industry specific MAI. Thus, Kosovo, not Rwanda. Or East Timor.
Or the Kurds. There is no trade embargo against Serbia. 

If there is to be no free movement of people while there is increasing
freedom for capital, wouldn't it be reasonable to have an electoral system
where, for example, everyone has five votes which they can spend on the
countries of their choice, a sort of participatory UN?

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