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<nettime> Political assasination in Serbia

Slavko Curuvija, owner of the Yugoslav opposition newspaper Dnevni Telegraf,
was shot to death on Sunday. Witnesses reported that Curuvija and his wife were
entering their apartment building  in Belgrade when two unidentified gunmen
approached them from behind. Curuvija was shot eleven times in the head and
back, while his wife was knocked down by one of the attackers. 
The Dnevni Telegraf has been in trouble with the Yugoslav government on a
number of occasions for reporting against the views of the regime. Predictions
that the NATO intervention shall be used by the regime for brutal confrontation
with their opposition have turned out to be wellgrounded. 

This whole incident has confirmed once more that the NATO intervention has had
an appalling effect on all aspects of the crisis that was the reason for its
initiation in the first place. The situation in Yugoslavia is deteriorating by
the day and shall continue to do so if something does not change in the way the
Kosovo crisis is dealt with. 


U nedelju je ubijen Slavko Curuvija, vlasnik opozicionog dnevnog lista "Dnevni
telegraf". Ocevici kazu da je Curuvija sa zenom ulazio u svoju zgradu u
Beogradu kada su im dva neidentifikovana napadaca prisla s ledja. Curuvija je
upucan 11 puta u glavu i ledja, dok je njegovu zenu oborio jedan od napadaca. 

Dnevni telegraf je bio u sukobu s vlastima zbog napisa protiv rezima. Pokazale
su se kao opravdane sumnje da ce intervencija NATO-a biti iskoriscena za
brutalno razracunavanje sa protivnicima rezima unutar Srbije. 
Ovaj dogadjaj je jos jednom pokazao da je intervencija NATO-a katastrofalno
uticala na sve aspekte krize, zbog kojih je originalno zapocela. Situacija u
Jugoslaviji se pogorsava iz dana u dan i to se nece zaistaviti dok se ne
promeni nacin na koji se resava problem na Kosovu.

Check Other Voices From Serbia site on (it
is still under construction). There you can find personal comments,
statements of students' and nongovernmental organizations, eye witnesses,
facts and issues and a list of civilian targets and casualties. We will
appreciate all your comments and suggestions.
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