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<nettime> VOICES / candy factory


Let me know
if you don't allow your mails in this mailing list
 into our speaking installation.
I'll mention  your name and your website.

Make me your pimp,
or send your voice or few words
for this project,
advertisement for you or your website etc


We won't make any music or parties for any rites.
We'll put your voices for conflict/negative of discourse.

So works will be for the silence like this clamorous mailing list.

Installation for your harassment will be open this June at candy factory
Works will be one of rubbish disposal
We won't recycle to use, we'll  just move them.

If I  decide to move your words, I'll let you know in each case.

And maybe this is useful information

>> It has come to our attention that a file named HAPPY99.EXE is being
>> distributed via email that affects Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows
>> If you receive this file, DO NOT CLICK OR RUN IT.  Delete it immediately.
>> When you click or run HAPPY99.EXE, it installs files and modifies
>> settings on your Operating System.  HAPPY99.EXE then attaches itself to
>> all emails that you send thus possibly affecting your contacts'
>> We searched for what to do in case you have HAPPY99.EXE.
>> Step One...
>> Look for the following files (usually in Windows\System):
>> (1) ska.exe
>> (2) ska.dll
>> (3) wsock32.ska
>> If you don't find it, then your PC is OK.  If you find it, proceed to
>> Two.
>> Step Two...
>> Delete ska.exe and ska.dll.
>> Step Three...
>> Rename wsock32.ska to wsock32.dll.  (wsock32.ska is actually your
>> original wsock32.dll that HAPPY99.EXE renamed.)
>> Step Four...
>> Click Start then click Run.  Type REGEDIT.  This launches the registry
>> Editor.
>> Step Five...
>> In the Registry Editor, click Edit the click Find.  Type RunOnce.  The
>> right portion of the Registry Editor is split into Name & Data.  Look for
>> the file named ska.exe under the Name column.
>> If you do not find this file, then you are OK already.  If you do,
>> proceed to Step Six:
>> Step Six...
>> Click on ska.exe then delete all contents of the box named Value Data. Do
>> not delete the file ska.exe itself as you risk damaging your operating
>> system.
>> When you've done all these, you're OK!


Just say dialectal "McDonalds" alone


Battle of Tang's 3 color glazed at Kitakyushyu will be soon


Takuji KOGO

candy factory


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