Zvonimir Bakotin on Sun, 11 Apr 1999 22:52:50 +0200 (CEST)

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Hi Kim,

> The thing that has become quite clear to me is that we are being lied to,
> yet again.  (I hope to post my short "understanding" in the next day or
> two.)  Everyone says that the key event that has led to the situation today
> in Kosovo has been the 1989 action by the Serbs rescinding the autonomy
> previously given the province.  But, no one has said WHY the Serbs did this.

Maybe an pointer for better understanding of Serbian policy in past decade
is fabulous document - Memorandum of the Serbian Academy of Science and Arts,
appeared back in 1986 but officialy non existing for quite long time, however 
this controversial document was perceived as ideological platform of 
Milosevich regime policy, and contemporary ground up for Great Serbia 
concepts. Also this notorious document is widely acepted as seed for ex .yu
later process of federal desintegration....one of first manifestation was 
on Kosovo in '89, same year rescinding the autonomy of Vojvodina second
sebian autonomus province, and puch in federal republic of Crna Gora
(Montenegro) by inaguaration of marionet regime with Momir Bulatovich there, 
under Miloshevich's control/supervision.... 

MEMORANDUM SANU: http://www.suc.org/~kosta/tar/memorandum/memorandum.html

Book by memorandum authors Answers to criticisms (IMHO another masterpiece
of Serbian propaganda), is entirely published on url below, this can be 
somehow useful to have wider scope on context, but beware it's perfect 
piece of propaganda.

ANSWERS TO CRITICISMS: http://www.suc.org/~kosta/tar/memorandum/contents.html

have joy, but beware if you reading it witout high critical attitude you 
are risking to convert yourself in *beliver* of Milishevic ;-)



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