Josselien Janssens on Mon, 5 Apr 1999 04:25:41 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> guess i'm not used to this machist talking

Dear Nettime, Dear Grethe, Dear Alan,

Thank you for bringing the issues up that you did. I don't know how I
feel about this war either, other than pretty powerless and confused.
Reading all the stuff flying around on Nettime doesn't make it any
clearer. I understand very little of this conflict and I find it
impossible to either judge or check the quality of information I get
presented with. And then I am of course not talking about the first hand
accounts out of Belgrade, those are pretty clear. There is a
humanitarian disaster going on and we don't seem to be able to do
anything to stop it and help the people who are suffering most. 

I am more than a little weary of getting emotional email from people who
in no way are directly involved in this conflict but think they DO know
how they feel. It is clear that in any of these wars, you only get the
real information afterwards. How many people exactly got killed, how
many people have suffered from war-and chemical substance related
injuries and diseases, how many got displaced, lost their homes and
their lives on the refugee trail and how many soldiers fighting for Nato
really got killed. Or suffer from yet another scary, chemicaly induced
war syndrome afterwards. 

We don't seem to even be entirely sure about what horrible things the
Serbs did to get themselves into the situation that they're in. I have a
Serbian friend, a refugee, who has explained what this kind of action
does to the minds of his people. They're a proud nationalist people so
as soon as you start dropping bombs on them they'll draw together
against you. Even when this means standing right behind their leader who
has been accused of being a genocidal aggressor, even after they've
lived under very poor circumstances in a war economy for years and

I am at heart a pacifist but I am not sure whether I am in favour of
Nato interference or not. If there were genocidal activity going on-like
there has been in recent years in former Yugoslavia, I am certainly in
favour of some kind of interference to stop it.

Grethe H. L. Melby schreef:
> Dear Alain,
> and dear nettimers,
> I cannot be used to it either, this machist talking. But I have felt lost

          [rest of message deleted.] 

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