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<nettime> [kcc-news] Kosovo Human Rights Flash # 10

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Human Rights Watch

March 30, 1999

        Human Rights Watch has learned that Serbian officials today visited
offices of Radio B92 in Belgrade and took all the names and addresses of its
        Radio B92 is Serbia's largest and most important independent radio
station.  On the night of March 24, Serbian authorities confiscated the
station's Belgrade transmitter and B92's editor, Veran Matic, was held in
police custody for eight hours.  The station continues to broadcast via
satellite.  Its programs remain one of few alternatives to the state-run
        Since October 1998, when a restrictive Serbian Law on Public
Information came into force, the government has systematically shut down or
fined out of existence most of Serbia's privately owned media. Foreign
broadcasts of the BBC, VOA, RFE/RL and Deutsche Welle have been banned.
        Newspapers, radio and television stations under the control of
Milosevic, especially Radio Television Serbia (RTS), present distorted
information about the Kosovo conflict and the role of the international
community.  In recent weeks the state media has waged a virulent anti-American
campaign, likening U.S. President Bill Clinton to Adolf Hitler and NATO
airstrikes to World War II-era Nazi aggression.

*** This human rights flash is an occasional information bulletin from Human
Rights Watch.  It will include human rights updates on the situation in
Yugoslavia generally and in Kosovo specifically.  For further information
contact Fred Abrahams at (212) 216-1270 or ***

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