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<nettime> lift the kosov@ refugees out

hi you all,

below you find the text of Rainbow Antiracist Organisation from
Norway. they call for a campaign quite similar to the statement 
Open the borders! but already more concrete - whatever you might 
think about the truly quite problematical comparisonism.

By the way: for Open the borders! websites actually hosted at 
<http://www.teleportacia.org> we are looking for translations, 
logos, banners, links etc. 

please put the call on the top of your homepage and link to the
support sites!

please keep on posting the Open the borders! statement to 
newsgroups, mailinglists and friends! write to the responsables,
whoever you think it should be! set them under pressure!

we are very few and we might not have enough power to set even such 
very pragmatic and  minimalistic demands into reality, but lets do 
something, lets work together and break the logic of war - at least 
amongst us!

take care


--- forwarded message from Regnbuen@student.uit.no (fri 2 apr 1999)


The Rainbow Antiracist Organisation has started a campaign to get the
refugees out of the Balkans into Norway.  We ask all good people and
organisations in Western Europe to start similar campaigns.

The initiative from Rainbow Antiracist Organisation is called the "White
busses", after the famous busses that saved prisoners from concentration
camps in the end of the second world war from Germany.  The idea is to
transport refugees from Albania and Macedonia into Norway and other safe
western european contries.  This needs not be by bus, it can also be
done with planes or ships.

Dispute the fact that there has been a refugee problem counting hundreds
of thousands since the situation in Kosova escalated one year ago, the
authorities in western countries have so far done nearly nothing to save
the refugees.   It is not easy to understand how the tragedy that has
evolved the last days could come as a surprise.

The western countries claim that the refugee problem could be solved
within in the neighbouring countries of Yugoslavia.  The fact is that
these countries do not at all have the infrastructure needed to help a
large number of refugees, while the western countries have all this
emergency facilities.  There is also a risk that the refugees in these
countries could be trapped once again if the conflict should escalate.

Some of the neighbouring countries may now stop to let the refugees in
because they lack the resources.  Thousands of refugees are trapped
inside Kosova because Macedonia do not let them in.  The situation for
these refugees are critical because of lack of food and shelter and
exposed to attacks by Milosevics forces.  Thousands of these people are
condemned to die if an rescue and evacuation operation is not carried
out immediately.

For the Rainbow Antiracist Organisation

Tore Vik
Dear friends.  Please note that our e-mail has changed.  The new e-mail
address is Regnbuen@student.uit.no, my new personal e-mail address is

With greetings from Tore Vik and the
Rainbow Antiracist Organisation Tromsų
++47 77619950  ++47 907 32685

Break the logic of war! Desert! Open the borders!

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