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<nettime> [crisisweb] ICG Kosovo Briefing

C R I S I S W E B   N E W S
Friday  April 2,  1999


ICG's latest Kosovo Briefing (April 2) looks at the refugee crisis in
Albania, where over 120,000 Kosovars have fled since the start of the NATO
airstrikes, out of a total of 550,000 people (roughly one quarter of
Kosovo's pre-conflict population) who have been forced to abandon their
homes. The report offers some initial recommendations aimed at assisting
these refugees, and suggests that a primary objective of the current
offensive in Kosovo is to remove ethnic Albanians from the whole of
northern and western Kosovo to allow Milosevic to present the world with a
fait accompli regarding the partition of the province. 

--> See for the full report

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