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<nettime> Some news on Serbian printed media


The political weekly Vreme had a second special issue on March 31st,
probably run by a left-over group of patriotic journalists. The most
important news (about Stealth F-117)  was:

"Yugoslav Army showed in most assuring way that is in condition to bring
losses to the by far superior enemy and that it developed a strategy of
defence on which NATO didn't count"

>Vojska Jugoslavije je na najuverljiviji nacin pokazala da
>je u stanju kudikamo nadmocnijem neprijatelju da nanese
>gubitke i da je razvila strategiju odbrane na koju on nije

But still it seems we can count on the small political-philosophical
Republika magazine for civic enlightenment. Nebojsa Popov wrote on the
cover that Republika still sees no reason to be quiet (which is very very



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