Ivo Skoric on Wed, 25 Nov 1998 01:22:22 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Putting Slovenia on the Map

Slovenia, being the smallest and least eventful, albeit the most 
prosperous and the luckiest heir to former Yugoslavia, has a problem 
with getting itself on the map. When you see a window on the web page 
that says "click to choose country" - Slovenia most likely would not 
be listed... 

Check this page:       http://www.sploh-si.net/

Even if the page resides in Slovenia on a server of a 
foreign corporate business operating in that country (as it is in the 
case of French Renault). Of course, the most hillarious is that CIA, 
the central intelligence service of the mightiest country in the 
world, does not list Slovenia in its list of countries. They should 
send a note to Osama Bin Laden to take shelter there: Slovenia 
provides much better infrastructure (telephones, roads) than 
Afghanistan, it is much easier to hide from sattelites and 
Tomahawks in the wooded Alps and the caves beneath them, than it is 
in the Afghan desserts - and if CIA doesn't even know that the 
country exists, the NSA is less likely to spy on it. Then, of course, 
there is a definite incentive of closeness to Europe - your secret, 
numbered Swiss bank account is just a short 3 hours car ride away, 
and that Austrian arms-dealer you've been buying missiles from lately 
won't have to endure the Taliban - instead you might drink coffee 
with him in one of many vienesse bistros in Ljubljana. Besides, the 
presence of the world class terrorist would finally put Slovenia on 
the map. Then you extradite him in exchange for a hefty loan 
guarantee. That'd teach CIA guys to be a little bit more alert to the 
changes in the world - I mean Slovenia exists a number of years now, 
and they still don't list it on the web page? Who's paying those 
guys? The U.S. taxpayer suckers?


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