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<nettime> the media, the gun and the computer

The armed struggle for democracy 

The repressive economical selected press puts the finger up
to anyone who refuses to acknowledge their power or
maybe lack of. What can a newspaper other television
newscast actually say and what not?

Worldwide "Alternative" press is smaller then 20%, which means that most
of the of the nationwide presented news in some way can be called
corrupted. What can we do about that, is there anything to do about
that? Governmental scams (spams???) get broadcasted every day,
while the real deal gets published in a much smaller manner under a
small amount of the people. Who believes you when you talk about
Shell in Chad, a Kosova genocide when people can't see the pictures
on their televisionset, but can see the director of Shell talking about their
enviremental/social policy change or blue helmets helping people out of
burning houses.........

Talking about text guerilla,putting yourself in the struggle and then publicise
about it. Would it be wrong to burn down a newstelevision station and write about
it in a leftwing paper or even better send a letter to all newspapers saying why
you did what you did. Let's see who'll print it."THIS IS NEWS, MAN, COOL!".
Let's trow a molotov cocktail into a rightwing paper who did bad things in the
second world war. Write their history down with your feelings expressed.
How far can you go? 

When the RAF took Hans Martin Schleyer as a prisoner,
the showed his face to many times. From the old SS-er he was he turned 
into a human with sad face who people thought didn't deserve to die while still 
being the man behind the death of who knows how many people.

When the dutch guerilla's RARA burned down the MAKRO when they started doing
bussines in South-Africa all the newspapers talked about why they did it.
Showing that the MAKRO was doing bad things and talking about the communique
the RARA had wrote. 

And now we have got internet and hackers. Talking about politics, how may 
of these guerilla's (if they can be called so..) have got political aims and in
how far can we turn to these people when actions could, or should be taken?

In the Mumia case for example. The last appeals over, is it smart hacking Philly's
important coorperations? Should we be talking just about this case, in 
other words talk about Mumia's case or about the death penalty which is as 
most of you know legal in quite a vew states in the united states.
Is it worth losing someone over helping more others then this one that dies?
The hardest part propably is that we are talking about human lives =who
will be killed. Isn't Mumia's case over:NO. What about when he is murdered,
isn't it so that you should start hacking from that moment on? Same deal
when he is set free.

What is the best time for getting involved, should you and how far can you go?

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