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<nettime> cut that fringe: friday the 13th, radio B92 and INDEX

News cuttings. Cut the fringe. Michael stipe was on tv - mtv - mtv awards
to the point. Major media mayhem as air-time is shared between the few for
the millions. Friday the 13th and i search the yahoo (yet another
hierarchical...) news pages for the cuttings. Free Your Mind award for
human rights, token gesture or yet another hierarchical excuse to give
michael stipe air-time to breathe. Inhale, exhale and "cut". Major focus on
mini-media as B92 receives the mtv award. Cheers.

Falling into the same trap as searching for *mtv* at yahoo - many to(o)
many media returns. Juicy spice girls still sharing media space - for the
better getting worse. Be clever, focus, search for B92 - second rate
search. Three hits (one on mtv) two on radio (index). More fringe on the
screen - stumbled across radio index when interviewing iassen boyadjiev in
sofia a few weeks ago. Fringe media, linking radio stations between
belgrade and sofia. Thousands and thousands and thousands of tiny subjects
on the streets in bulgaria and yugoslavia. Linking two radio stations
through the telephone, exchanging thoughts, friends and protest songs.
Copper cables going underground, cutting the border and going on-air. More
air-time, precious air-time.

Three hits, one on mtv, two on radio index. Shut down. Cut that cable. Cut
that air-time. B92 reports. Trickle down the media (yet another
hierarchical...). Redirecting glamour to the facts. No link on the mtv
pages, neither to index nor to stipe's email - both out of reach...

search results:


1) Spice Girls, Madonna sweep MTV Europe awards
By Jennifer Clark

MILAN, Nov 12 (Reuters) - Britain's Spice Girls were honored as best group
for the second consecutive year at the celebrity-laden fifth annual MTV
Europe music awards Thursday....
A list of prizes follows:
Free your mind: B92 (independent Serbian radio station)



2) Independent Serbian Media Shut Down

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) - In an ongoing purge of Serbia's independent
media, the government Tuesday took control of a popular radio station, and
police impounded all 100,000 copies of a leading daily newspaper.
Radio Index, a student-run Belgrade station, was first shut down last month
for allegedly broadcasting without a license. On Tuesday, the Belgrade
university board, complying with government demands, announced it was
replacing the station's team of editors, B-92 radio reported.


3) Yugoslav State-Run Daily Fined

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) - A court fined Serbia's largest state-run daily
and its chief editor $15,000 on Thursday, the lowest penalty required by a
restrictive media law, according to a radio report.
A lawsuit against the Politika newspaper and its chief editor, Dragan Hadzi
Antic, was filed earlier in the week by opposition leader Zoran Djindjic,
who accused the daily of publishing ``lies and slander'' against him and
his Democratic Party.
According to a Nov. 4 article published in Politika, Djindjic was reported
to have told a party associate he had ``guarantees NATO would bomb Serbia''
because of the crackdown against ethnic Albanian separatists in Kosovo
province. He instructed the associate to ``get the (party's) money out'' to
safety abroad.
After two days of hearings, a Belgrade court ruled Thursday that the
state-run daily and its chief editor would have to pay $10,000 and $5,000
respectively for publishing ``unconfirmed information,'' Belgrade's B-92
radio reported.
Last month, Serbia's government adopted an information law re-imposing
censorship and launched the toughest crackdown yet on the country's
fledgling independent media.
"All we can do to fight this absurd media law is to swamp Serbia's
government-controlled courts with counter-charges against state-run media
whenever they print lies,'' Goran Vesic, of the Democratic Party press
office, told The Associated Press after the verdict. 



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