Andreas Broeckmann on Sun, 15 Nov 1998 22:42:31 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> re: small Nettime meeting on 19 nov., during DEAF98 in Rotterdam?

dear Nettimers,

last week i posted a short message about the possibility of doing a small,
informal Nettime meeting on the day of the presentation of the READ ME!
publication, Thursday, 19 November, during the Dutch Electronic Art
Festival DEAF98 in Rotterdam.

i've had positive responses from five people, all women actually, two of
whom would like to do the meeting later than the 12.00-14.00hrs i had

this is a *second and last call* for other people to say they also want to
come for this meeting. if it's not more than five, there is no need for me
to try and reserve a larger room somewhere and you can just sit in the
festival cafe. please, let me know by tomorrow, friday, if you want to be
at the meeting. (which can still go through then, at the moment it's just a
matter of reserving a convention center or a tool shed for this.)

i'll keep you posted and suggest a place and time to meet based on the
accumulated responses i receive.

greetings from the busy v2_offices,


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