Ivo Skoric on Tue, 10 Nov 1998 09:10:12 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Democracy

In Croatian parliament, the spokesman of the governing party (HDZ), 
that also holds majority in parliament, Drago Krpina, bluntly accused 
the leader of Social-Democrat opposition (Ivica Racan) of drug 
smuggling. No proof was furnished - Krpina just said that he learned 
about Racan's drug activities from a member of Racan's political 
party - which in Krpina's mind should have demonstrated a lack of 
party discipline among social-democrats.

This comes after the purge inside HDZ where Tudjman sided with 
hard-liners and had three top moderates resign (Sarinic, Hebrang and 

In the U.S. we've been more lucky with the recent elections. American 
equivalent of Krpina, in mind and posture, Newt Gingrich announced to 
the Congress that he will not seek renewal of his term. American 
voters refused to endorse Republican's campaign to impeach President 
Clinton for his hiding of his extra-marital affair with Monica 
Lewinsky - in November elections, Republicans, as a group, lost, 
showing that their vitriolic ad-hominem campaign against the 
president who tried to improve health care and education for the 
nation, was wrong.

I hope, that with coming elections in Croatia, the Croatian voter 
will do the same showing people like Krpina way out of Sabor 
(Croatia's parliament).


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