Andreas Broeckmann on Wed, 4 Nov 1998 20:28:10 +0100

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<nettime> small Nettime meeting on 19 nov., during DEAF98 in Rotterdam?

dear Nettimers,

on Thursday, 19 November, 20.30-23.00, during the Dutch Electronic Art
Festival DEAF98 in Rotterdam, there'll be the premier presentation of READ
ME, the new, fresh, big, much longed-for, fought-over and collaboratively
edited international Nettime publication. We have invited Diana McCarty,
Pit Schultz, Ted Byfield, Marleen Stikker, McKenzie Wark and Faith Wilding
to do the presentation of the book and to participate in a panel discussion
afterwards. (Geert and Matt couldn't make it.)

given all the recent internal debates about the list, we were wondering
whether it would be a good idea to hold a small, informal meeting on the
same day here in rotterdam with those people who are close enough or who
will be there for the presentation in the evening anyway. if there is an
interest i'd be happy to try and organise a room for such a get-together
which could, for instance, take place before the DEAF afternoon programme,
from 12.00-14.00 hrs. (if those people who want to meet up are not
interested in seeing that programme, the meeting could also be a bit later
in the afternoon; i'll paste a summary of the programme below.)

i guess that there is enough to talk about, and previous such meetings (i'm
thinking of the fringe-meetings during Metaforum 3 in Budapest 96 and ars
electronica Linz 97) were small enough that no moderation was not
necessary. i doubt that i can be at the meeting myself, as we'll be in the
middle of the festival, but that doesn't matter.

the best might be if those people who want to come for this meeting can
send me a *SHORT* message stating this, so that i can get an idea of the
size of the space needed. please, also indicate *succinctly* if you'd
prefer a time other than 12-14. i'll report back to the list about the


Dutch Electronic Art Festival - DEAF98

Thursday 19/11, 14.00-18.00
Bonheur, Eendrachtsstraat 79, Rotterdam

Online Realities in 3D

The programme 'Online Realities in 3D' is held in the framework of the
DEAF98 Digital Dive. It presents artists' projects which use
three-dimensionality as a metaphor for designing and articulating the
social and technical processes that take place in the 'data scape'. They
use '3D' not as a simple mirror of reality, but explore its potential
meaning in online world.
This afternoon of presentations offers an overview over recent developments
of 3D-online design. It will not provide definitive answers, but is meant
as a starting point for prolific discussions about the usefulness of 3D as
a metaphor in online environments.

- Staging Strategies by Programm5 (Nicole Martin and Lilian Juechtern (D))
- The Negative River by Karoly Toth (H/NL)
- Demedusator by Zoltan Szegedy-Maszak and Marton Fernezelyi (H)
- Happy Doomsday! by Calin Dan (RO/NL)
- VRMLsite by Kas Oosterhuis (NL) and Ilona Lenard (NL)

Moderator: Katja Martin (D)

Staging Strategies -
The Negative River -
Demedusator -
Happy Doomsday! -
VRMLsite -,

Andreas Broeckmann - V2_Organisation - <>
Eendrachtsstr.10 - NL-3012 XL Rotterdam - <>
NEW t.+31-10-2067272; fax-2067271 - <>
2nd leg: Pfluegerstr.27, D-12045 Berlin, +49-30-6233293
coming up: Dutch Electronic Art Festival, DEAF98, 17-29 Nov 98
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