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Welcome to nettime-l


Welcome to the nettime-l mailing list!

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    unsubscribe nettime-l

 Here's the general information for the list you've subscribed to,
 in case you don't already have it:

[Last updated on: Fri Feb  6 18:00:59 1998]

<nettime> is not only a mailing list, but an attempt to formulate an
international, networked discourse, that is neither promoting the dominant
euforia (in order to sell some product), nor to continue with the cynical
pessimism, spread by journalists and intellectuals working in the 'old'
media, who can still make general statements without any deeper knowledge
on the specific communication aspects of the so-called 'new' media.
We intend to bring out books, readers and floppies and web sites in
various languages, so that the 'immanent' net critique will not only
circulate within the internet, but can also be read by people who are not

is closed and slightly moderated,
it has two channels:

-> post to : 
   (mail gets delivered to all subscribers via

text-format: plain ascii, max 72 chars, monospace 
   fonttype (courier), no MIME-attachements or bin-hex,
   maximum size : 40.000 bytes, please split bigger textes

   ZK Proceedings (book in progress):

copyright policy: 
   forwarding via e-mail is allowed if footers gets included,
   for republishing on a web or ftpsite contact with the authors
   is recommended. in case of a republishing in paper media, 
   or if money changes hands, the confirmation of the authors is 
   obligate. (this note is under construction - look for updates)

* with <nettime> you can reach a group of people 
  of active cultural producers. feel free to
  invite new subscribers by simply sending a 
  mail to the list-owner.

* you can use nettime as a forward channel, a 
  social text filter, for own textes, found textes,
  requests, announcements... 

* to get to know who is on the list (only e-adresses), 
  please send a mail to with 
             who nettime-l 
  in the body of the message.

* questions, comments, criticism are welcome!
  please direct them to

6feb98                       Geert Lovink, Pit Schultz