ricardo dominguez on Tue, 29 Sep 1998 17:02:23 +0200 (MET DST)

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Re: <nettime> An open letter to Ricardo Dominguez

Steven Kurtz wrote:

> An open letter to Ricardo Dominguez:
> Group memory is a funny thing; each member inevitably recalls events
> differently, and these subjective modulations seem to become
> increasingly distorted and mutated over time.

hola Steven/CAE,

thanks for setting all memories beyond frabrication and that
no distortions now live in the archive, that CAE even statethat i was part
of the group at one time and had input in a groupwith a few small bits of
words, gestures, or perhaps even
developed some CAE ideas is fine with me. i think it is very
important for everyone to know that the production
of all CAE work, and ideas, were and are a group effort and
not outcome of one individual.

from now on i promise to take this open letter with me
whenever i speak.

all the best,
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