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<nettime> Taiwan's national ID card

dear nettimer,

Hope this will be in time. Information from Taiwan.
(Dear Geert, please chose a good topic for me...:P)

Taiwan's government are trying to build-up a No. 1 
service in the world: the IC ID card for 21 million people.
Over the past 3 weeks, our csie scientists from Academia 
Sinica and sociologists, lawyers, law school professors, 
human right activists and green party taiwan members are 
trying to stop the plan, which will be execute in 3 years after 
3 months' "contract negotiation" with the Rebar Co. leading
"Republic of China IC IDcard Team".

Taiwan's government try to push the "Electric Government"
project, which is conducted by the Executive Yuan NII committe,
to re-construct the government organisation; they treat the IC ID
card project as the central sub-project bridging other ones.
In this project, they connect the Health Insurance Card and 
ID Card into one IC smart card, which carries the health insurance
information and fingerprint feature file. The government on Taiwan
assign the task to business company by the principle of BOO(Build,
Operate, Own), which means they will leave 8 KBytes room for electric
commerce beside the whole ID card project's profit.

The scholars soon announce the disagreement, and try to stop
the process of negotiation. Due to the different standpoints and
positions, the government still don't respond to the scholar's opinion.
During one conference, they said even German government can't
do it for the other supporting projects' schedules doesn't match, which
also means Taiwan's No. 1 role in the world. 

After 2 weeks' newspaper and conference fight, the No-NID (National ID)
action turned into a colaboration of different fields. The NGO of  Taiwan
Association for Human Rights now host the fight, focus on the violation
of human rights. I join the war building the website with scholars, but
it seems that still takes lot of further effort , might we sink the huge

*Please send us any information about your country's action on 
  NID. Thanks.

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